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Asterisk: One

by QN5 Music

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    Following in the tradition of former indie-powerhouse, Rawkus Records, QN5 Music set out to create the next compilation that would serve as the definitve annual mixtape for the label. Asterisk:One is a collection of exclusive & previously released singles, freestyles and b-sides 100% produced or featuring QN5 artists.The main purpose of this CD's creation was to sell at Rocksteady Crew's 25th Anniversary Celebration in New York City in 2002.

    Utitlizing the wonders of technology, the dextourously gifted DJ JS-1 mixed, chopped & blended the various QN5 cuts into one cohesive CD mixtape with no gaps or pauses between cuts. This is 72 minutes of non-stop hip-hop music. This would also mark the 1st of many collaborations between the DJ & the label. Pressed as a CD-R style mixtape, Asterisk:One managed to introduce the label to countless throngs of hungry hip-hop heads, with such cuts as the Kno-produced, "Arrogant (f/ Substantial, Tonedeff, PackFM & Rise)" and the very first appearance of Extended Famm on "The Evil That Pens Do".

    Although, much of what is contained on Asterisk:One is previously released material, there are a few truly EXCLUSIVE tracks that can't be found on any other release in their entirety. Tracks such as The Plague's now infamous "Most High (Plague Anthem)" (complete with a 13.5 syllables per second appearance by Tonedeff), Mr. Mecca's first CD appearance on "Alphamale" and Deacon The Villain's ridiculously infectious roller, "Woodgrain".

    Although Asterisk:One pales in comparison to the concentrated effort for exclusivity made on sequel, the mere fact that this is THE FIRST QN5 MIXTAPE is reason alone to pick this one up.
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From: Tonedeff – “Heads Up” (12”) Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Domingo ©2001 Chorus Heads Up! If you’re feeling the notion/ Let your mind be free and you don’t stop/ OH NO – Tonight is the night/ We’re set to get the party live. V1 Yo, open you eyes, heads up, Time to shine/ Rewind to find I was born with a mind to rhyme/ The sensational case, of impeccable taste for the placement of treble & bass/ Statements that accelerate when I’m wrecking the breaks/ In the second it takes me to erase any hecklers face/ I raise the stakes when I’m setting the pace/ And baby, that’s to move and don’t quit/ I got bitches nursing my dick with they holes cause they know that I’m so sick/ So, I keep my connections close knit/ I’m the usual culprit when you’re whole shit falls off like an old stitch Got most of my foes bent, I suppose cause I flow swift/ You never need a bag of chewing tobacco to watch this pro spit/ I’m Tonedeff, whatever I want I go get/ Taking 4 of these hoes for the homestretch and they don’t even know yet/ Stick ya with speed and leave both sets of your clothes wet/ If you’re arrid, then you’re sure to get banned – No sweat. V2 Yo, I making this madness happen with the act of rapping/ So, savagely phat I even have the average handless man clapping/ Or tapping they toes, dancing in the jazziest fashion/ Taking they ass to step class to harass ‘em and ask if they absent/ Yo, cause when it’s time to take attendance/ I’m bending your very essence, even have St. Nick requesting your presence/ Connecting me to a mic’s weapon invention/ Just ask the inmates, I’ll cut you off before you finish your sentence/ The best @ getting attention on a regular rotation/ She gotta get down with no waiting, Cause Tonedeff is only so patient/ Some chickens won’t go down, cause they’re obsessed that their chests are for flotation/ So, yo, take it down for your notation/ New York, Miami, Chicago to Cali…the whole nation/ Heads banging, with standing ovations when I rock/ I got you saying Heads Up, like a hooker punching a time clock. Bridge Cause we can bounce everyday. And if you Say word, we’ll bounce every way That we can do, bring your crew/ And Ladies get crazy/ Cause we can vibe all night/ And if you say Word, your feeling alright/ So Put your head up, head up/ And get up, get up, if you feel the Notion V3 Mic Check, 1—2/ The non-literal lady killers are coming to hunt you/ Never ask us just how much ass we run through/ I level the field, and if you we say we can kick it, then I’ma punt you/ End to end, inspecting and inventing trends Pressure your peers get all of your girlfriends to bend/ You like men, don’t stop the action to pause it/ Uh, you like chicks, then I’m watching that from the closet/ That ass is tapped like a faucet, I smack it and toss it-don’t know when to say when/ Cause yo, “We be Clubbing” like we were Cavemen/ I remember when you could Pay Ten, to enter the Playpen/ Now you paying $30 dollars to get your name in/ The Guest List, Mami wanna get nominated for best tits with the wet lips/ It’s obvious she’s a definite temptress/ We then split when I finished my set list/ We ate out with an appetite, ended up @ the bed & breakfast.
From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Tonedeff, PackFM & Mecca Produced by: Tonedeff ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus We don’t say “Hi” & We don’t say “hello”/ The only words that we speak after wrecking your show How U Doin? We don’t say “Hi” & We don’t say “hello”/ The only thing that we say when we step to your ho How U Doin? V1A – PACKFM It’s outrageous, The way I stay rippin up these stages/ I spit shit so sick, you wish it was contageous/ Spread like The Plague is with vibes like silent pagers/ Niggas kickin fake shit, blame it on the matrix/ You’re so wack that you’ll leave a theif screamin “I cant take this!”/ I get Biz like Mark, I’m catchin weck, you’re catchin vapors/ All you’re perpetratin’ is pure cetification/ That you wouldnt be as dope as me if you did ya best impersonation/ I still cant stand you, rhyme parapallegic/ Niggas thinkin I’m ill, ‘cause their raps are makin me sick/ So what you want from me?, Evacuate my company/ You could swallow my sperm, and wouldnt be spittin as nuts as me. V1B – TONEDEFF I’m cussin when I’m bustin frees, I’d love to see you fuck with T / If I crush your team with cuts that means, I clutched you in my custody/ I touch a beat reluctantly, cause of what it does to me/ There’s something freakish up, it seems, I suddenly can jump the trees/ The function is perfunctory, with stunning ease I lunge for Greece/ And only cease, because, you see…I stumped my feet on Tuscany/ My running cleets were scuffed to pieces. MC’s are cunts in heat/ That scrub and clean for nothing, B – Their mugs are freakin’ ugly/ They’re clumsy in their drudgery. Shit…my tongue is tweaked abundantly/ My luxury money’s eaten by monthly fees/ In summary, I stunningly can stomach these abundantly unfunny geeks/ These scummy freaks are somewhat neat to hunt for weeks/ I strut the streets comfortably, cause punks duck in retreat/ I’m the one that makes you shun beliefs, like nuns & priests with cummy sheets/ I’ve brung complete sums of treats. You’re buggin how I strung this feat/ The subtlety is null indeed, so don’t confront us when we meet! Chorus V2 – MECCA I will go all out, to humiliate you/ Burn through any squad that affiliates you/ That’ll give the kids on the corner something to chat about/ Give all these mad rappers something to be mad about/ I’m made for this, like guns was made to buck/ Got entertainers pissed, cause I break their legs for luck/ Stuck watching this son of southside who accomplished this/ Blocking this? Tell me how you plan to stop apocalypse/ That’s claiming to be all the flame & the heat/ And how we, reign in the street and put your name if defeat/ Have a seat…don’t ever come through acting loud/ Cause I will leave you slumped on that block you’re so proud of/ You bow, cause I always impress, always amaze/ Straight arsonist…constantly coming with blaze/ In another minute, you g’on wanna chase me/ Cause your vibe just can’t replace me, flow just can’t erase me/ I remain rhymer-proof, time constructed/ Forgive them father…they know not who they fuck with/ Cause as an MC, I stay baptized to bang/ While you could be crucified and still couldn’t hang/ Whoever think they got something for it, get up on it/ I’ll teach you and your crew what it means not to want it/ I don’t air out tracks…I ventilate, rhymes penetrate/ Crews disintergrate… it’s mecca’s way or the interstate. Chorus
From: Domingo’s “Para Mi Gente – Estamos Unidos” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Domingo ©2000 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 Ayo, Im playing knick-knack patty knock a beat the fuck out/ rejecting cats faster than gay kids bounced from the cub scouts/ Tossed from the front door of the clubhouse, like, “Whats up now?”/ Scour the grout off they feet and making em walk the rough route/ Im sick of niggas wearing Sean-John, always puffed out/ Hogging mics, acting retarded, just like Forrest Gump sounds/ So, if these rappers wanna bust rounds, I’ll have a field day/ I’m always in-zones when I touchdown, compton to bucktown/ Pounding the scrubs, How in the fuck your stuff counts?/ When Verbs is on witness protection, after hearing how I snuffed Nouns/ Stalk a circus and hunt clowns… If you’re smoking/ Tonedeff causes emphysema, and will ultimately turn your lungs brown/ And that’s my recommendation, I’m saving ya’ from deterioration/ By making replacements for inferior baseman/ Players that never could play at the game they were placed in/ Checking the roster for their names, just to discover that they were scraped in. V2 Yo, I cross cultures like puzzles of words/ All y’all nickel & dime MCs are better off smuggling herb/ The minute I mutter a verb, I spark infernos/ I should be locked up for fucking kids like I was Mary Kay Latourneau/ You saying there were no… Witnesses/ Quick… if this hypocrite fibs a bit, kick his shit in and just get the whip and a hypnotist/ I’ll finish him with a little lyrical hit and then stick em and spit in his liquor with gin in it till he’s admitting it/ Y’all wack rappers are just effiminate/ If eating dick’s la vida loca, y’all niggas is living it/ So, Come ON!!, no need to do the arithmatic/ This kid is just sick, so, Heads up, peep my single Ridiculous/ I inconspicuously wow brothers, without studders, Leave sounds smothered/ You couldn’t come to grips with cow udders/ Like proud mothers, I brag with the best of em/ Ask your man what score he got after Mr. Deff tested em. V3 If you’re the champ, hand over the fucking title now/ More rules than a cider house, pay me the proper respect… just close your eyes and bow/ Its show and tell ya better hide your style/ Im trying to separate the wack from the weak and I cant seem to divide the pile/ Stop grinning or I’ma strike ya smile/ Like lawyers strapped with time bombs, you’ll never survive the trial/ Cause I’ll defile ya name, card your ass and swipe ya file/ Bitch, Im the river of venomous flows that spiked the nile/ Despite denial, some rappers are never happy/ Yelling and shit with no email addresse talking bout get @ me/ Dog, I’m serious, with handhelds Im shouting out, like Nextel/ Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to EXCEL/ WORD. Im making these power points like Bill Gates/ Cause yo, if tone is recorded on chrome, its instantly the Ill Tape/ You know Domingo makes the real breaks/ Your mother said “Guanabana”, when I asked her how the dillz tastes.
From “Underscore” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Domingo ©2003 QN5 Music (ASCAP), Beatskillz (ASCAP) Hook A Come on, baby, I’m a rolling stone/ Don’t wanna conversate, I wanna take ya home/ And if ya, wanna take a pony ride, it’s on! I wanna Shag, Baby! I wanna Shag baby! Hook B Shag! You know you want it. Shag! You know you’re fiendin’ for it. Shag! Come on, get on it! Shag! I feel your body heatin. Shag! Cause I’m a swinger. Shag! And I just wanna please ya. Shag! You know you want it. Shag! You know you’re fiendin’ for it. V1 – TONEDEFF Hey Ladies! Ayo, it’s time to wild out/ Slide on ya tight blouse, and dress like it was 105 out/ Y’all coming to my house, and we going shag, baby! Mad Crazy, Stacked ladies, (You gonna call me tomorrow?), yeah, Maybe/ Hey Fellas! Don’t miss the call to come through/ There’ll be about 70 women, that’s wall to wall and are ready to jump you! Son, you ain’t seen these chicks cloggin the stairwells/ Flaunting their bare selves. The situation’s sticker than Mary’s hair gel/ You’ll have to wear bells to find your way back to the heads that you came with/ And spit game with a blindfold without bumpin into the same chick/ Down in the basement, they got lace, whips… and up on the rooftop/ We be keeping the goods hot, cause ladies know we’ve got the wood stocked/ It’s all love. But don’t expect your valentine’s this year/ Remember to spread the joy with pals of mine when they get here/ And it’s clear, you’re bout to get your ‘hot-zone’ showered/ The name is Tonedeff. But you can call me Austone Powers… Cause I’m a swinger baby! Chorus V2 – TONEDEFF Let’s keep it moving y’all. Hey, to hell with your inhibitions/ Really nobody’s watching – you can tell from the mixed positions/ Distance isn’t a factor, when ya bodies are stacked up/ Especially when the jacuzzi is packed & there’s fat bastards trapped in the bathtub/ I be asking for backrubs and receiving a full body massage/ Hey, I’m shagadelic! That’s my hobby & job/ If you don’t wanna be down, then you’re probably a snob/ get out & get gone/ Or show me Victoria’s secrets – without the bra & the thong/ You be knockin my boxers off! (Let’s Play Doctor)... You visit me! Strip and shimmy, please, I need to examine you physically/ I’m an International man of mystery, I shag and then “poof” Got Carmen Sandiego wondering where In the world I went to/ I sent you the invite to this function/ You know – the one with the pic of my bedroom they use for kama-sutra instructions/ You wanna get hustling on this rush for lust? You can ride with us/ My Goldmember’s got the midas touch!
From “Hyphen” & “Game Over 2” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: DJ Rob ©2001 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus: Get ‘Em Up, Now, Gentleman, Wet ‘Em Up Hit Em Up, Now Everyone – Move In Get ‘Em Up, Now, Gentleman, Wet ‘Em Up Hit Em Up, Now Everyone – Ride Out V1 Yo, I hit em up with a bit of a touch/ Of atypical lyrical visual cinema/ When I set up in the thick of the rhythm I get em intox-I-cated/ Its not complicated I made this one of a kind/ Run of a rhyme, to stun or to blind, fly women from the front or behind/ If they stuck in the line, its something to find/ I aint stubborn to spend, but this one brother been, hunting for dimes/ I pluck em in time, the second I get a chance to/ Hittin the backroom, in the mid of the song we dance through/ Bashful? Never That/ High Maintenance? Send her Back/ This track is for the broke as fuck cats with the better raps/ Seven women stacked in our laps/ Figured that we were prized with Kentucky Fried Chicken Dinner Packs/ Is it a fact? Oh Yes indeed/ T successfully brings the best recipe. V2 Yo, we gonna play Rawhide all-night/ I’m bringing the broad pipe just to get your walls tight/ Never see it coming with your foresight/ Loving to leave ya’ quadriplegic like a fall from 4 flights/ I’m more like the type to charm t he hell outta ya/ Why do ya’ wanna assume I play you like a harmonica/ On to the next order of business/ Attraction happens in a fabulous simultaneous instant/ Niggas know what blabbin about/ The second your mind reaches a dime piece, you be thinking of askin her out, With the last of bit of doubt/ Taking the drivers position, never settle for the passenger route/ With an ass that’s outlandish T-o-n-e cant stand it/ This woman even got me speak span-glish/ Baby Tu Eres Sexy! Forget It/ She wasn’t feeling the charge like it was bad credit anesthetic/ No time for feeling pathetic/ When at the spot that’s so hot, the liquor be getting tepid/ I’m sick of getting rejected already this evening/ My team’s steaming cause I’m already fiending to be leaving/ Even now, that I be breathing loud/ I wasn’t peeping how there was girl reaching out/ To take my hand, But when I turned Fate Commanded/ I’m left stranded – (Cock-Block) – I HATE THE MAN! V3 [Beginning Portion Missing From Video] It’s Game Over, restart the system/ Beats spark & blister, whenever T drops the hits/ He tops your list, no stopping this/ Checking the sound for how loud it gets, got your pops knocking fists/ Against the wall, Hence the call for all/ Rappers that pretend to ball to commence to fall/ Eventually you will prolly be stalling for Mom/ To back that ass up, how juvenile of a brawl/ I’m suitable to beautiful tracks/ Due to the fact Im shooting to catch a cutie with back in 2 minutes flat/ Physically Rapture, what your mommy & daddy have manufactured/ Can it get any faster/ Leave it to Brendan Frazier to blast past Ya’/ Ask ya’ dad man your mother be calling me assmaster/ Raps are hazardous/ Tone is a belligerent pacifist, like a pastor’s fist/ But wait there’s more, add the asterisk/ I ain’t leaving the club until I got an ass to hit/ My plans for smashing get tarnished/ Cause there’s nobody left in this piece to get it started/ And I don’t flip for the typical harlot, I’m finicky, never begging’ your pardon/ Knowing I’m sprung whenever a certain part of my anatomy hardens/ I’m honest…Dickin a chicken with an Elektra-magnetic figure ala Carmen/ Goodness, Gracious/ Tonedeff as nice as skies are spacious/ Vivacious… Knock a Hotty liable to fry some ice glaciers/ Rock hard bodies attached to nice faces/ Bras of high weight, or tall with tight waists/ Or Thongs that vibrate in all the right places/ Never hit up the bar for my tastes/ If you’re less shy wasted than buy 9 cases/ Time is wasting I’m chasing the scattered ass/ Contemplating my chance of a latter pass/ At the honey that was taken from me, snatched from my grasp/ That’s it! I’m about to tackle the task/ So, I dash in the path of her man with a laugh/ Just to act natural plus she was mad bashful/ My rap flow canceled her plans, left her man surpassed/ Then I took her to tantra class.


released July 20, 2002


all rights reserved



QN5 New York, New York

QN5 Music is an independent hip hop collective based in NYC. Home to Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, PackFM, Substantial & Kokayi.

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