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From “Happy Fuck You Songs”
Written by: Tonedeff, Substantial, Session & PackFM
Produced by: Deacon The Villain
©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP)

Can You Hear Me Now? Good.

yo, It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’ve been hibernating thoroughly/
Lying beside my girl who’s been trying to wake me urgently/
With a stern sermon about wasting my day/
Knowing that if I don’t force me outta bed with a crowbar I’ll lazily stay/
I wake up… kinda sorta… today’s when the guys come over/
To write, so I head out to get some pizza and buy us soda/
Wireless phone to my ear, giving session a buzz/
“Yo, Sesh, it’s Tone, you want anything? I’m buying us grub”

What?! you lyin in blood? (tonedeff)Tonedeff: “yeah, and call Pack to wake him up”
(session)Session: Yo, you breakin up! STAN! They tryin to take his stuff!
(substantial)Substantial: Word? then I got bones to crack, (session)Session: Lets split up,
you bring Tone intact. I’ma get up, on the phone wit Pack,
[Dialing…] (packfm)PackFM’s voicemail “Its Pack, leave a message”
(session)Session: “I cant believe this, pick up!, its me, its Session!,
Tone got robbed and we tryin to reach you man,
hit me back on the hip or speak to Stan!”

(packfm)PackFM: Tones got cracked ribs from gettin beat by Stan???
I knew one day, these egos would get outta hand/
Looks like me and sesh are the only ones with level heads/
Fuck it lemme call stan and see if we can settle this [dialing sound in background]
(substantial)Substantial (FRANTIC VOICE) “hello?!!?” (packfm)PackFM: Stan, you alright? What’s up with you and Tone?”
(substantial)Substantial (pissed) “Yo, pack u mumblin again!? Son, you need to get a better phone/”
(packfm)PackFM: Yeah, i know you hate Tone, Session left me a message explainin’/
(substantial)Substantial (MORE FRANTIC): “WHAT! session got hit by a train???????”
[Substantial hangs up]

Jesus H Christ man I was just with’em/
(crying) I figured he’d OD…who would think a train kill’em/
What a horrible way to go! Just think/
He just moved away from home. Rest in peace/
Yo, I’ve gotta save Tone we ain’t loosing him too/
(Gets angry) I’m puting foot in somebody ass until they shit shoe/
For trying to stick crew [phone rings] Hello! (tonedeff)Tonedeff: “Ayo, Stan, it’s Tone”/
(substantial)Substantial: Since when do muggers stop to let you use the phone!!!


[Substantial and Tonedeff are still talking]
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: Muggers? Stan…What the fuck you yappin about?
I’m buying food, for when you, sesh & pack are back at the house/
You’re spazzing out, I’m laughing now, didn’t expect what you said/
Especially that. (substantial)Substantial: “Well, Aight, Cool…but session is dead”/
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: True…You want the freshest bread? White or wheat?
(substantial)Substantial: “Why you speaking ‘bout bread? I said that Session Died! Deceased!”
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: Well, I must be a monkey’s uncle, fuck recording…I’m just beat/
(substantial)Substantial: “Huh? Tone, you’re whylin, b” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: “Aight, I’ll see ya by the beach”/
(substantial)Substantial: “Hello?” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Hello? Ahh fuck it…phone dropped, I’ll try to reach/
Session to tell him where to find the jeep, so we can ride to the scene/
[Ring] (session)Session: “Yeah, whuttup?” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Ayo, Sesh, what time should we meet?
(session)Session: “Tone, you’re still alive! I figured by now, you’d died in the street!”
Yo, Stan is looking for you man, you told me your were getting jacked!”
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: Jacked? Nah, man, I’m headed to the beach to rest & relax.

(session)Session: You’re headed for Pack’s? He needs to start picking his phone up!
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: “No, man, no weed to spark, and I’m not getting coronas”/
(session)Session: “Word? Somebody hot?! Sweating to bone us? Who are these groupie hoes?/
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: “Yeah, yeah, there’s no more studio.”/
(session)Session: Oh, hell no!..I will not blow no bootyhole/
I don’t care if they’re porno movie pros..What did you agree for?
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: “Man, you’re breaking up, Meet me by the seashore” [click]
(session)Session: Oh, shit…Stan’s gotta hear this! Tone’s talkin bout ‘He-whores’?


[Session calls Substantial. Phone rings and he picks up]
(substantial)Substantial: Hello? (session)Session: “Wuttup, dog!” (substantial)Substantial (in shock): I must be fucking dreaming/
(session)Session: First, Tone with the He-whores…now you’re sucking semen?
T.M.I. homo (substantial)Substantial: I thought you died mofo
Well, That’s what Pack told me but I’m glad you’re back homie/
So you talked to tone too… when we spoke he was bugging/
By the way that shit earlier it was nothing/
(session)Session: “Hold on, son, I just caught what you said… you thought I was dead?!/
(substantial)Substantial: Yo, You’re really about to grow dreads & copping a lex…Sweet!!!
(session)Session: “HUH Did you just say beach???”
(substantial)Substantial: Almost forgot…that’s where we’re supposed to meet/
(session)Session: “Yo that sounds a lot better than the meat fest at Tone’s/
Yo, that type of shit made me head home” (substantial)Substantial: Yeah forget that/
So let me hit Pack (session)Session: “Son you shouldn’t sniff crack!? ”
(substantial)Substantial: Well, If not me, who? Son, see ya round 2! [Substantial hangs up]

[Substantial calls PackFM]

(substantial)Substantial: Hello?
(packfm)PackFM: Stan, you hung up…you got a bad attitude!
(substantial)Substantial: You had me thinkin session died, nigga…now i’m mad at you
(packfm)PackFM: What you mean, the session’s 5? Tone said to meet him after 2…
By the wassup wit u? u guys settle ya beef?/
Matter of fact we all meetin up and heading to the beach/
(packfm)PackFM: Yo, chill! Watch ya speech man! Who you callin a bitch?/
I’m a grown ass man… i aint gotta take this shit/
(substantial)Substantial: “WHAT YOU TAKIN A SHIT???” (packfm)PackFM: Oh, you gonna BREAK MY WRIST? Dog, you need to slow ya roll…/
Are you still pissed about the girl from ‘Upclose and Personal’?
(substantial)Substantial: “Nah, we goin to the beach not the studio, but we can rehearse for the show”/
(packfm)PackFM: Look this reception sucks, I can’t hear a word you’re sayin/
I’m on my way to Tone’s house… and I’ll call u on the way in/
(substantial)Substantial: “Yeah pack, you kinda do look like marlon wayans/
But my minutes ain’t cheap, dog. I’ll see u at the beach”/
(packfm)PackFM: “Uh ok yeah the beach, man, whatever you say/
Lemme, get off this phone and tell Tone that i’m on my way/

[ring] (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Hello? (packfm)PackFM: “Tone?! What deal, kid?/
Yo, I just spoke to Stan, He throwing hands at you? That’s some real shit/
I never knew you two was beefin…” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: We are? (packfm)PackFM: “I don’t believe this? Son, you got amnesia!”
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: I do? (packfm)PackFM: “Holy Mary Mother of Jesus!”/
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: Pack, you’re buggin! Stan told me bout this beach trip/
(packfm)PackFM: “Ski Trip?” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Nah, Beach Trip. (packfm)PackFM: “Aight, that sounds decent/
I was headed to your crib, so let’s see where the team is”/
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: Ayo, but don’t hang up! (packfm)PackFM: “Nah, I’ma use the 3-Way genius”/
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: Oh yeah, I forgot…you work with Celly’s – Not beepers/
But hurry the fuck up…I’m trying to stick some hot beaver!
[ring] (substantial)Substantial: Yo… (packfm)PackFM: “You two, play nice y’all/
(tonedeff)Tonedeff & (substantial)Substantial: “Huh?” (packfm)PackFM: And hold on as I call session…I’m trying to hit the beach by nightfall/
[ring] (jimmy)Jimmy: “Hello?” (packfm)PackFM: “Yo, Who the fuck is this?”
(jimmy)Jimmy: This is Jimmy! (packfm)PackFM: “Wrong number, man, sorry. (jimmy)Jimmy: “Fuck You Bitch” [CLICK]
[ring] (session)Session: “Jeeeuh!” (packfm)PackFM: “Yo, Session! Where the fuck you at?”
(session)Session: “I never said ‘fuck you’ pack!
(tonedeff)Tonedeff: What’s up with that?! I thought y’all loved that track!
If y’all didn’t like it, there ain’t no need to make excuses/
And try to be nice to me and cancel studio with crew trips/
(substantial)Substantial: “Tone, what the fuck! Why you trippin?” (packfm)PackFM: “Oh, shit Stan is mad at Tone again! CHILL STAN!! Don’t hit em!”/
(session)Session: Faggots! Now, stan’s trying to get with him? That’s FOSS!”
Hold Up, I got a call, and I’m getting the fuck off/
(substantial)Substantial: Fuck y’all! This ain’t phone sex, I’m hangin up. (packfm)PackFM: “Say What…Tone’s Flesh!? And Paper Cuts!!
Stan! Don’t kill him!” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Awww Man, I’m going home..I am confused as hell/ [CLICK], [CLICK]
(packfm)PackFM: “Fuck it”. [CLICK] (session)Session: YO! I’m back with some news to tell!

[dial tone]

(session)Session: Hello? Hello. That was the A&R on the other line, son! They wanna sign us! Hello? Hello? Hello? Man, fuck that… I’m goin solo!


from Happy F​*​ck You Songs, released November 26, 2002
Produced by: Deacon The Villain for DeaconYoMowf Productions (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



QN5 New York, New York

QN5 Music is an independent hip hop collective based in NYC. Home to Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, PackFM, Substantial & Kokayi.

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