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Good Combination

from Happy F​*​ck You Songs by Extended Famm

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From “Happy Fuck You Songs”
Written by: Tonedeff & PackFM
Produced by: Elite
©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP)

You know it’s Tonedeff & PackFM/
Came through to bomb the nation/
Don’t Fall for imitations or rhyming abominations/
We’re sorry we kept you waiting/
But glad you had the patience/
Cause it’s worth it for (A Good Combination).

We’re like Boom-Bap and BackPacks, Krylon and fat caps/
Thug cats that pack gats, BMI and ASCAP/
Now where the fuck my cash at? Dow Jones and NASDAQ/
Bad luck and black cats, Bad guys and black hats.

Like Cupid to card stores, Lucas to Star Wars,
Han & Chewbacca, and Kaufman to Latka, Breakers moving on cardboard/
Cartman & candy, markers and tagged streets, Marvel & Stan Lee/
Carson, McMann, even Austin Powers & Bad Teeth.

Nah we’re like Fred and Daphne, Velma Shaggy and Scooby/
Cole slaw, Mashed potatos and a biscuit with your 2 piece/
Popcorn and movies, MC’s and loose leaf/
Headwraps and Couffies, Woodstock and Snoopy.

Like Rick Baker to Poncho, we that unlimited combo/
Like skinny women and Cosmo, Chickens & Gonzo/
Diggin & Fossils, Syphilis and brothels, Bitches & Thongs go
Hand in hand like Scalpers and Tickets to Rock Shows.

We be the head honchos, We got hoes in the whip giving hot dome/
On the way to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles/
We got mad cheddar, stayin dipped like nachos/
You cant afford a ride, you just go around takin pictures at car shows/
I dont even know her – “why she in the car though” /
“Pack you got some ‘splaining to do” ... Like Ricky Ricardo /
Fuck it, in today out tomorrow/
Movin mad units out the store, like puttin ducktape over the barcodes.

Don’t let me catch my lines caught on ya teeth/
Honestly, I’m at war with these pussies, rocking a condom and army fatigues/
I Knew something was fishy, when your girl’s all out her jeans/
Bothering me, rockin a flowerprint padded bra on her knees/
Pardon me, please… I’m fuckin silly with barbs over beats/
You know your ass never bargained for T, nigga, Toss your receipts /
Kids never admit to an honest defeat/
So, I walk with a hidden camera to serve you, so I can send you a copy for free/


We come together like 5 lions forming the voltron/
Holmes & Watson, Doors & Knobs and Holes & Cocks and Hotels post prom /
Silent Bob & Jay, Tylenol and aches,
Willis & Arnold, Alyssa Milano with…none of her clothes on/

Burt and Ernie, Robin and Bat Man, Lavern and Shirley/
Moe Larry and Curly, Jake and the Fat Man/
A bag of chips and soda pop, Quark Xpress and Photoshop/
Decepticons and Autobots, Rock On and ya dont stop!/

Pokey & Gumby, Mulder & Scully, in charge like Charles & Buddy,
Heckle & Jeckle to Sideshow Bob & Krusty/
Rhymes & Drum Beats, Mathau & Lemon when they was old & grumpy/
Pacino, Deniro, Mr. Flava Flav & Chuck D.

Sagat and Bison vs. Ryu and Ken/
(street fighter sounds)/
And just in case by now you haven’t figured it out/
Ya girls favorite combo, is my dick in her mouth.

Fred & Barney, Gleason & Carnie/
Jack, Chrissy & Janet, or Pee-Wee & Jambi
Ravers to X, Las Vegas to bets, onto virgins and locked knees/
Kirk & Spock with a starfleet, Apollo & Rocky, to Xerox and copies.


Incentive… Pack & Tonedeff, back up off us
Inventive… Got our own branch at the patent office /
The Famm is extended, highly recommended
On record, second only to red when it comes to rockin with method/
Man, I’m bringin the pain, come fill in the blanks/ (shit is deranged)
Overcast shows, then kick you out with an umbrella for you to go sing in the rain/
Go listen anything else you were playing, go bet if it isn’t the same/
We’re still in the ranks! They got you gassed, but we got ‘em spillin their tanks. (Tone, you’re killing it) Thanks.

We come sharper than a ginsu, “Even slices through a thin shoe”/
Hit you in the grill with more combos than a value menu
The tag team specialist, my Plague fam extension is
Sending a fuck you with a smile, I hope you share the sentiments/
So when you know its me, Better run like cheap hosiery/
Efamm and The Plague, I roll with more clicks than a rotary/
So now we back in this bitch, yall makin me sick/
48 inches of wax – my track record’s as long as my dick!



from Happy F​*​ck You Songs, released November 26, 2002
Produced By: Elite for EliteThatsMe Productions


all rights reserved



QN5 New York, New York

QN5 Music is an independent hip hop collective based in NYC. Home to Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, PackFM, Substantial & Kokayi.

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