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Murder in the Verse Degree

from Happy F​*​ck You Songs by Extended Famm

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Happy Fuck You Songs [cover image]

From “Happy Fuck You Songs”
Written by: Session
Produced by: Tonedeff
©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP)

Guilty. Murder In The Verse Degree/
Nationwide, cops on a search for me/
Martial Law, state of emergency
Because I’m Guilty, Murder In the Verse Degree.

Session, will be the next cat ya idolize /
worshipped for thousand of years after my demise /
so I’d advise you try to hide, cause 4 you’d get divided by/
lyrically, you could be me, and we still wouldnt see I to I /
Judge Session this court’s presided by, and you tried to lie/
under oath, hand on my notebook, without a alibi/
that a guy, you better quit now while you got spine fluid/
fuck rap, I’ll grab a blade and set your mind to it/
I knew it, ya dome has over blown gas/
in a trunk kissin ya own ass is were they gonna find you in/
divine human, rhymin for days, finish off foes/
my mind is a maze, were minotaurs roam/
I got a senators dome, politikin to get my tape played/
and get paid, flow off the chains like escaped slaves/
make way, Im strapped wit explodin rhymes/
put the track to ya ear, take cover and blow ya mind.


in raps you facin, someone causin lacerations to blast ya face in /
and make you wear a mask like Jason /
you harass the nation wit procrastination /
make you leave the game as fast as Mason like its an evacuation /
tax evasion, if you owe me /
make ya face look like a patch of raisins, my concepts an immaculation /
use imagination like masterbation /
a fans fascination turns to infatuation cause Im past amazin /
the hash Im blazin will make me look like half a asian /
spit leave your habitation wit heavy saturation /
the fact you wastin my time, runnin what you outta do /
before I slaughter you, make your offensive lines do an audible /
you know what? its somewhat honorable /
cause suckin as hard as you do must be hard to do too /
gettin served like I ordered you food, Im the best at rhymes /
packin my number 2’s to withstand the test of time /
so hold it if you wanna hold it, dog this mic’s mine /
I’m not ahead of my time, I’m ahead of my life’s time /
got the tight lines, ill voice and a harder flow, so you outta go /
thinkin you nice and get robbed for ya heart of gold.


On mixtapes I spit straight atcha bruh, and massacre /
ambassadors, get papes, and laugh at ya /
I’ll rip fakes and amatuers in two and battle half a ya /
get raped, askin round the cypha how my dick taste when I rap witcha /
I mastered the flow wit a bit rate of that crap of ya’s /
no mistake if I ask for ya, make ya bitch date a bachelor /
you a disgrace, suckin like Dracula wit a big plate, makin an ass of ya /
you aint a legend cause you switched plates wit a Acura /
at this rate, Ima fracture the bones on ya rib plates /
and snatch ya cadaver right out the back of da mid waist /
I punch the earth and hit plates like a spatula /
swing were your hips lay, unless you hit play on my sampler /
make ya chic wait?, Im snatchin her, have my dick ate /
while Im smackin the bitch face, and its late for mackin her /
they say my shits great, spectacular /
thinkin its smooth sailin till i have ya own shipmates attackin ya.



from Happy F​*​ck You Songs, released November 26, 2002
Produced By: Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



QN5 New York, New York

QN5 Music is an independent hip hop collective based in NYC. Home to Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, PackFM, Substantial & Kokayi.

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