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from Archetype by Tonedeff

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From “Archetype”
Written by: Tonedeff
Produced by: E-L / Co-Produced by: Tonedeff
©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP)

V1 (16)
Yeah… I’m that cat that your mama warned you about/
See I don’t care if you’re a ditz of if you’re clever (No)/
I’ve got a penchant for mentally undressing/
Sexy specimens of the feminine gender (yeah)/

Since that’s the case, I’m dickin down entire cities of chicks/
In broad daylight and in the middle of the street/
But see, it’s all in my head, and though we’ll probably never meet/
I’ve seen you nude and on your knees/

I’m walking ‘round with mirrors on the tops of my shoes/
So, don’t get lazy, ma – I can tell if it’s bushy/
Now, Peeping Tom’s a pussy, no need to hide or be pushy/
It’s way more fun when I know that you see me looking/

I’ve got a confession to make, and the truth is/
That if I’m spending the night over yours to sleep (You better lock your door)/
Cause in the morning, the minute that I’m alone/
I’ll be sniffing your girl’s panties when you leave

Don’t gimme that look, like you don’t want it as much as I do/
You prolly feeling my desire times two/ make a move, girl, you know it’s time to/
Don’t be timid, girl, shy’s for high school, I wanna get you from behind and grind you/
Really, If you’re girlfriend is Bi, cool. We can all intertwine. True.

V2 (32)
Let’s cut to the chase, ma – There’s a reason that rubbers exist/
And I’m another son of a bitch that’s hunting for kicks/
The fun of it is, wouldn’t you rather have somebody sucking your clit/
Then to be stuck in this shit-hole of a disco?/
Let’s go bake a naked pretzel, Pet Tone’s snake and make it spit all over your lips
The width of my dick is so thick, it won’t fit in the midst of a ship’s haul/
Did you call me chauvinist? All because I just wanna be blown and kissed/
Lick your slit and just make you moan in bliss, Stick my dick in your kizzle-hole and jizz/
You know what your motive is, otherwise, you would’ve stayed home and shit/
Roll with it, my hope is this… we fuck and your homegirl’s next/
Only smoking chicks apply to ride T/
And no little bitches get by me, cause I check ID,
Kindly, step away from the cock if you ain’t got the jist to freak/
Gimme your heiney – it’ll fit – you’ll see!/I’m a pervert and your Ms. Discrete/
Leaving a bitch with more glistening shit on her neck than Mr. T/
Skillfully spread the legs she’s wet between, I’m thrilled to eat! Pussy’s a delicacy/
I’m getting obscene, but I can’t think of another way to be letting off steam/
Unless you let me get a pet in your jeans/
I’m stretching the seams with my hands in abandon/ feeling titties in tandom But I can’t stand to
Take it anymore, I got plans to act, a true pervert will fuck you till you’re handicapped/
And so, gimme your number, nah, fuck it, gimme a hummer..
Shimmy your bum around her mug and then cum to gimme the thunder/
Stick it up under your G-Spot, and rock on/
Then peep the replay at ‘Shhhhh! Iwonttellnobody.dot.com

Better check up on your girl cause I’m a pervert!
I’m a pervert! Down to do some dirt/
Better button up your shirts, cause I’m a pervert!
I’m a pervert! Biggest freak on earth/
Better cross your fucking legs, cause I’m a pervert!
I’m pervert! Eyeing up your skirt!/
I said my mind is in the gutter, I’m a pervert!
I can’t help it! That’s just how I work/


from Archetype, released April 5, 2005
Written By: Tonedeff for QN5 Music (ASCAP) // Produced By: E-L for Estopolis


all rights reserved



QN5 New York, New York

QN5 Music is an independent hip hop collective based in NYC. Home to Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, PackFM, Substantial & Kokayi.

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