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by QN5 Music

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    Asterisk:Four is latest installment in this series of QN5 Music compilations of exclusive new music. Feauturing the talents of the entire QN5 artist roster (CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, Session) and production by the critically acclaimed QN5 Production Team (Domingo, Kno, Deacon, Elite & Tonedeff), this project gets an added boost with guest spots by affiliates such as Sean Price, Supastition, Bad Seed, Copywrite, Poison Pen & others.

    All 25 exclusive tracks are blended front to back by DJ JS-1 of Rocksteady Crew/Ground Original for fans of classic Hip-Hop mixtapes in the vain of the Rawkus 'Soundboming' series.

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Tonedeff - "Optimist" © 2010 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Life is wonderful. Life goes full circle. Life is wondeful. Sometimes I hate everyone and everything – to the world itself Even though I’m the portrait of health and been blessed with many things Cause when it seems life’s beginning to take a splendid lead Suddenly, everything tends to lean negatively I used to feel my luck was bled from me at seventeen Because ever since positive outcomes have been seldom seen They tell me that bouts with doubt can self-fulfill prophetically And that’s prolly why John & Paul said that it’s best to let it be And I use to be the cat with plenty kinetic energy Happy go lucky, Mr. Follow-Your-Dream-And-Set-It-Free But over the years, son, I’ve been jaded to the Nth degree I hate it, cause my sense of grief is blatant and my friends agree See, people’s selfish deeds lead to my bleak expectancy (Like) If I catch the E, I never expect to see an empty seat (Nice) But in typical fashion, this’ll pass until my next defeat Until I’m stressing deep and forced to beg and plea – till then we’ll sing. Life is wonderful. Life goes full circle. Life is wondeful. They say I’m a natural born pessimist – and that’s fuckin wild Must’ve come with my mother’s smile and father’s bullheadedness I pull ahead and get pulled back, but I keep struggling Son, I feel like I couldn’t catch a break beat juggling Still I reach upward and on, and proceed trudging along As I lead these brothers in arms, to achieve what’s in our hearts But the scene’s shrugging us off, so… I just remember that every dream comes with a scar when I see something I want When it seems nothing is wrong, well – I gotta keep telling myself to stop Waiting for the other foot to drop Live in the moment, sit on the throne and just take a look from the top It’s a whole other perspective to see the good that you got Now, if it’s an omen, quit with the moaning! Don’t let it push you to flop That’s like being spooked at the doc since you was a baby, still shook from the shot Don’t imagine a tragic end to the book, when there’s not You gotta try to rewrite in spite of how crooked the plot. Now, when you go this long uphill, you lose the will to climb it So, I wrote this song to remind me of the silver lining In a world this wrong, gotta carry a sword that’s strong And slice ‘em all with smiles, y’all – I fight ‘em as I kill with kindness Nobody wants a Bitter Benny or a Debbie Downer Or a Sad Sam that be wrapping a wet blanket around them Keep a sunny disposition – Breathe Out Cause life has a way of stripping the paint off of your dream house. It’s simple. Indeed these things seem to be easy to see But they easily flee your mind as you find repeated deceit Now, there’s reasons the weak of will never dream or believe Before they leap, they concede to defeat and agree to retreat Now, when fatigue has really got you by the balls Remember that if you really didn’t believe you’d succeed, then you wouldn’t have tried at all So, jump regardless of the consequence Cause even on the night of the apocalypse, everybody’s an optimist. No matter how hard it seems. There’s always someone in another position. So, when it rains, just hold on. When it’s gray, just hold on. When there’s pain, just hold on. When it rains. And when it rains, think dry skies. When it’s gray, think bright lights. When there’s pain, just smile, smile. When it rains. I know it seems everyday is a struggle to keep yourself outta trouble This modern jungle is jumbled with muddled puzzles to stump you And snipers gunning to stumble you, like you’ve been hunted Dude, how the hell are you telling us ‘Life is wonderful’? Some of you have come to conclusions/assumptions, But nothing as true or stunning That misery becomes something that’s comfortable Trumping the will to shun it. Run from it if you’re stuck in a rut or two So, I figured I’d drum up something I could hum to you. (Like this)
Not much of a thug, first to admit I’m a sucker for love My life is living proof that love is a drug A teenage love… It happened over summer vacation She used to call me Slim, she was something amazing But I was two years younger in age then Yeah, she wasn’t that old true But I lied like most dudes And leave it to your sis to come out and expose you But she didn’t mind… ‘cus I was deep in her mind and heart Likewise, sex I’m eagerly tryna start! Tight thighs I was fiending to pry and part Now she’s crying “Stop”, ‘cus she’s a former rape vic’ Said I could have her but I had to get her pregnant Though I wanted sweetie badly I wasn’t ready to be a daddy in a long distance relationship So now I reminisce of Stevie Wonder’s Song called I Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer Damn… Damn….. Damn!! I know it’s you That’s how I felt in the beginning love Guess I was wrong, ‘cus look at how we ended up Damn!! I know it’s you! But maybe that’s how love go? Tell me if I’m wrong baby I don’t know (It’s like) we… Love to live and live to love Oh how… tough it is to give it up When there’s… enough to get, can’t get enough And when it gets rough, you ask yourself, “Is this love?” I got my swagger back (hey!) After a long stretch And mustered up the courage to step to this songstress Beautiful youngin I had met in the chorus And we connected while we were on the tour bus Yo, she taught me ‘bout trust and religion Next thing you know, love started flooding my vision I know it sound flaky, but I cherished her greatly When life tried to break me, her whole family embraced me And I had been to more funerals than graduations A bit unusual, but far from an exageration But death was something that was still new to her I had no idea what it would do to her (Nope) The losses that she suffered, forever changed how we interacted Seems like our magic had flipped and turned tragic So, “End it while we’re still friends” is what I suggested And she replied “I was hoping that you would get the message” Damn… Damn….. Damn!! I know it’s you That’s how I felt in the beginning love Guess I was wrong, ‘cus look at how we ended up (It’s like) we… Love to live and live to love Oh how… tough it is to give it up When there’s… enough to get, can’t get enough And when it gets rough, you ask yourself, “Is this love?” I moved on from songstress to cheerleader Older, wiser, and my gears cleaner Cuts my baby locks now her family speaks to me Got closer though we didn’t hang out frequently Stole my heart like she mastered thievery Words can’t describe what this girl means to me Or meant to me, it feels like centuries ago Of course yo we broke up, eventually, you know Easy come… hey you know how the cliché ends I even told her that we’d be friends, think again I know I hurt this aspiring actress Probably uses my pics for firing practice Then outta spite, she fucked the man that I’m closest to At that very moment, I was officially over you Damn heart, just do what you s’posed to do! Guess I was wrong when I said that I know it’s you Damn… Damn….. Damn!! I know it’s you That’s how I felt in the beginning love Guess I was wrong, ‘cus look at how we ended up
Natti - Baby 02:22


released March 13, 2007


all rights reserved



QN5 New York, New York

QN5 Music is an independent hip hop collective based in NYC. Home to Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, PackFM, Substantial & Kokayi.

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