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by Tonedeff

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knic peer us
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knic peer us Love the idea of the self made man sharing his passion with the rest of us. Thank you, Tonedeff Favorite track: Loyal.
Travis Love
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Travis Love Tonedeff's first full length holds up just as well today as it did ten years ago. Tone's seemingly effortless flows and production are still spot on. My only complaint is the teaser of a "Politics" remix that isn't included. Favorite track: Gathered.
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    One of the most anticipated debut indie hip-hop releases of the early 00's, Tonedeff's 'Archetype' LP became an instant underground classic album with it's time-proof gems "Porcelain", "Masochist" and "Pervert". Engineered and billed to be 'a beautiful album', 'Archetype' features 15 luscious tracks with guest appearances by Wordsworth, Rise, Extended Famm, & Supastition. Production duties are masterfully handled by QN5 Music's Domingo, Elite, and Kno.

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Overture 02:56
Archetype 02:55
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (8) Now, Who the fuck are you to judge me? Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can & can’t do?/ Can you repeat the feats I’m achieving to rhymes and beats Or even conceive that I’ll be competing still even when I’m deceased/ Now beating me is easier than finding peace, But niggas still criticize/ my work and my lines and my shirt down to the size In a world of scouring eyes, and words compounded by lies/ The artistry of lyricism I epitomize. V2 (24) It’s overwhelming, cause there’s so much to say and so much to change, But for every rapper constantly bitching, I made a record that’s honestly different/ Just watch the world scoff in the distance, and cynic’s bark in resistance/ And still, in its wake, this archetype’s bound to mimmicked/ This is the new hip-hop, devoid of boundaries, gimmicks/ Or rigid genres, with no apologies given/ To solemnly sing aloud and then spit poly’s without inhibition/ In a world where courage is reprimanded, but cowardice isn’t/ The power to listen and learn, keeps me adaptive/ A tribe fan that appreciated the classics, But damn if I’m trapped in the past, I act to surpass what they crafted And still manage to travel the path on the maps that they drafted/ And man, I’m rappin on behalf balance/ The do it all MC, with the 2 long sleeves, and a passion for practical magic/ A tap of the wand, and I’m graphic – another tap, I’m the fastest, You tap again, and I’m chanting on a piano ballad/ The preconceived notions get shattered Fuck mainstream & underground – is the shit any good? is what matters/ Why categorize? There’s wack and there’s nice/ So, I put all that to the side and reset the standard for any cat that just asks for a mic/ So what that in mind, Them niggas won’t last after they’ve established their hype/ While mine’s only added, more than half of my life/ And I’m last in a line of cats with divine talent – Don’t ask for a sign/ Answers will rise in the passage of time – Cause I’M the Archetype/ Chorus: Cause I’m the archetype. Original as they come/ Ayo, they broke the fuckin mold when they made this one/ Said I’m the archetype, cause there can only be one/ The day intelligence sells, we’ll leave the industry stunned.
Masochist 04:33
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (20) Everything happens for a reason/ And my reason to be’s to see shit happen for a reason – One event to the next/ It’s like I’m stuck at the box office with every second my clock tosses Into my face, smacked with a case of fate wasted and lost causes/ I’ve been mocked and accosted, to the point that I got nauseous/ Though my flow’s been plugged enough to stop faucets/ I’ve thought often about tossing this awesome gift to the wind/ And start crossing over to sin with this intention to blend that I get from within I’ve protected my skin with a thin layer of pride and showmanship/ But both my coats are ripped and I can’t seem to decide on clothes that fit, Supposing this rap shit actually pays off, I’m wondering if it’ll all be worth it/ Cause this is what everyone in my life has ever been hurt with/ This curse, this evil urge I feel for verses… Is one of my life’s real perversions/ I seal my curtains when I write, I feel disturbance from the light/ I deal with dirt and yet I want to heal the earth and peel the surface to reveal it’s perfect. And words I wield with purpose, and yet nobody follows the plot/ They rather hear me rock off of the top/ There’s pitfalls in my socks, so I walk with caution/ Somebody halt the auction! Cause my soul’s on sale, and I thought I lost it. V2 (24) And who the hell am I supposed to be?/ A holy priest holding a rosary? Some type of bold stoic Moses of poetry?/ Should I be holding heat to pose for the streets A total phoney? If I said my name was ‘Tony’ would you know it’s me?/ Supposedly, T-O-N-E flow with ease over these bolder beats/ But the flow’s too cheap to pay for groceries/ And in the throws of grief I choke and breathe/ Loaded with my parents hopes and dreams, yet I don’t know if we both believe I scope the scene, and I’m watching these bills build up I’m nice with a day-job, these niggas write all day and still suck/ And yet they fill clubs, sell a trillion and feel sluts/ I kill dubs, but I don’t have the mills to pay for real pub/ My chilled love melts on occasion/ Cause brainwashed niggas only feelin’ my track if Clue or Flex will play it/ Who you expect to say this shit if I don’t?/ What? Cause I don’t wanna be extorted by some cat who lets cash determine his playlists/ I’m searching for ways in, but entrances are sparse when you’re hard to market/ Fuck art, cause thugs aren’t the smartest targets/ And I’m not abstract enough, so it seems backpackers are acting up/ And I thought it was half the battle, just to have the love/ And pack a truckload of skills, politics are ill and yo, it’s real/ It seems I’m cruising, and they’re still using these crooked stones for wheels/ And when you know the deal, it doesn’t evoke the most appeal/ Like stolen Kosher Meals, lemme propose a toast to heal. V3 (32) I’ve sacrificed so many facets of life, just to achieve this/ From Love & definitive reason, to trust in agreements, My family suffered in grievance when we discussed I was leaving/ Seeming substituted for tunnel vision and it probably crushed all their feelings/ There’s something appeasing in the corruption of demons/ Feeding me vehemently lustful delusions of bucks from succeeding/ But times up, months it’s exceeded/ Peeling the scabs off of cuts that are bleeding, knowing I ain’t had it as tough as Jesus This shit doesn’t compete or even touches what he did/ But, will I be signed by 33? Cause my teens were fucking depleted Blessed with a gift, equipped to assist in the destruction of heathens But, please, would god really want me snuffing emcees, then? I must be conceited, right? Well, I’m balanced out by the lack of self-esteem I’ve felt since I’ve learned how to read & write/ Overcompensation spelled relief when the rhyme schemes are tight/ Then I feel the weight of a cheapened life when 5,000 people die/ (SOB! SOB!) Feel bad for the rap artist/ But pour your soul into something for responses that’s half-hearted/ Terminate relationships on the basis of past hardships/ And then you’ll see why every review’s like another line on my scarred wrist. This light-hearted voice becomes jailed by the darkness/ It’s impossible to trap my lips, when I have to spit/ I try to swim away, but I keep getting dragged back in this/ Come to find my arms automatically swimming backwards, Cause I’m a masochist. Chorus: If I gotta fight for the rest of my life Then I’m gon’ turn the other cheek (yeah) Cause I hate the way you hurt me But I can’t get enough of your love.
Let's Go 03:36
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (16) Ayo, Let’s go, what’s poppin, I don’t know, I’m out the door Just call me. I got my phone/ I’m tryin to get up into whatever possible/ Floss on some hoes that’s down to go Rock & Roll/ Lock & load, when the boss is on the road, I got my whole QN5 squad in tow/ Broads, we’re out to scope/ The harder the cock is swole, the farther the tonsils go down her throat/ Stocked with a monster flow & the hottest shows that your spots have known/ With a plot to go cross the globe/ Who wanna toss some dough? Cause the odds are low, that you’ll watch me strolling up out the zone all alone/ We ain’t caught up in the cost of clothes, we just holla at those Shawty’s with bodies that got a shot at the throne/ While some niggas constantly choke/ People if you don’t wanna be home, I advise that you follow with Tone! Let’s Go. Bridge A: We gotta make some moves Get up and lace ya shoes/ We gonna break the rules down Let’s Go This is the place to jump Move with the bass that pumps We fin to raise it up now! Let’s Go V2 (16) Yup he’s at it again, the cat with the pen and the Latin descent/ An immaculate grin/ And a ravenous flow you can’t control or paddle against/ After your chick she said she was a fan of my shit, I’ve been tappin’ it since/ Oh… yeah, can spit…that’s what I meant/ Back to the script that I planned, man – just got distracted a bit/ And I can’t envision which talent to ditch/ It’s like, imagine a chick having to pick between her snatch, face, ass and her tits/ Now I ain’t tragically hip, and I’m proud of it/ Son, I’m a natural at this, I don’t reenact for an audience/ Or party with them wack hoes hollerin/ Girl, if that’s your milkshake, I’m lactose intolerant/ (Ahhh!) Don’t be getting defensive/ Just call me the gamecock, cause when you beat it on hard you get the special ending/ And there’s no quarter required for that/ Just hit start! Now, Ladies and gentleman tighten your caps Let’s Go. Chorus: Aint no time for yall to halt or stop or stall We good as long as y’all bouncing off them walls And we ain’t gonna stop, so we don’t need no brakes/ So, if you want it, get on it… we roll till the wheels come off Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go. Bridge B: Enough of the day to day Cause you deserve a break Put all the work away Y’all Let’s Go! Now is time to roll/ If you been riding slow Get on the grind and go/ Y’all Lets Go!
Disappointed 04:15
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Versifier (aka Austin Tacious) ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (24) Lust, once ya feel it in your bones, yo, you know you can’t stop it/ Understand? Let me expand while we’re on the topic/ I date plain Janes, hot chicks/ But I usually only fuck with female pilots cause they got the illest cockpits Ha, and if the crotch fits, wear it/ I’m the type of Martha Fokker to ditch a bitch the day before I meet the parents/ She’s embarrassed she’s dating a rapper – with baggy pants/ Pick her up from mass, system on blast, grabbing her ass/ Glad we could smash, but I gotta move on to the next chick/ I’m an outgoing male, I send one off, and I get one back like Netflix/ Now get this, when you’re sexually reckless, you could have a girl that cooks you breakfast/ But still seek the rejection of some leggy temptress/ She’s like your petty deathwish/ You be dressed in your best shit, tryna silence the skeptics/ Upset kids called her a hoe, and I hoped to god it was true/ Cause see, a hoe fuck everybody, And a bitch fuck everybody but you/ I’d forget about it, but soon, I behold it’s a sign Envisioned a coked-out Whitney singing “Moment In Time,” when I told her I rhymed/ And fames the best aphrodisiac known to man, cause now we holding hands/ Saying ‘lets blow this stand’, and I hate to spoil plans/ Now that we rolling, I’m the Trojan man, she’s stroking it fast/ I’m jonesing for ass, but I almost choked on the gas when I opened her pants/ So potent a blast of fish that It was scary, man/ I snatched the pine tree from the rearview mirror then sandwiched it within her hairy clam. V2 (24) I got pussy, pussy, pussy on my mind and it’s killing me/ 2 or 3 at a time, menage a trois or a trilogy/ I really feel the need to sing this song/ Cause I dated a bi-chick for 3 years and I never got my threesome on/ There’s only so many tricks that one woman can teach a schlong/ And even Cheech & Chong agree, more than one freak sure beats the bong/ But, I’ve reached the wall, and yo, I’ve only failed, Knowing that getting the most available hoes with tail to bone & bail’s the holy grail/ Now for the solo male there isn’t the fattest chance in hell/ You can ask two bad frat chicks to nail without landing your ass in jail/ And that’s the real haphazard deal, when one set of tits ain’t enough/ Ya’ want wetter clits, save the hunt, Son, you better just pay to fuck/ The way my luck is, on whether I’ll get or get got/ Is slim, but if the chance comes, I can’t front, I’ll give it a shot/ And I’m shitting you not, the day came when I was put to the test/ Because of my stage name I met these three hookers looking for sex/ They claimed Janessa, Brooke & Beth were their governments/ And they wanted to triple the pleasure, triple the fun like they were doublemint/ I’m stuttering, I’m looking down at my dick 2 chicks is rubbing it/ Beth tells me just to look at her tongue and then imagine my cum on it/ Then, suddenly one of ‘em starts crying, some shit bout her ex-man/ And when one chicks in need, the two others WILL ditch the sex plan/ With staff in hand, I’m asking, “Is it the time for this shit?”/ From the back of the pack I hear, “Can’t you keep your mind off your dick?” Chorus: This is just another sad song/ For times like this, when everything’s mad wrong/ You missed your chance, you gotta keep your pants on/ When things don’t go your way. Go your way. It’s another assless night/ When the shorty your with isn’t acting right/ You’re forced to fuck chicks who aren’t half as tight/ When things don’t go your way. Go your way.
Loyal 05:15
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Kno ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (16) Have you ever been betrayed? That shit’s the worst hit of pain/ When somebody you loved can’t look you in your face/ And have you ever had your heart torn out by somebody you thought was your friend/ And now your trust is worn down or bought to an end/ No pardons can mend it, when you’re darkened within/ Fuck cause & effect, it’s a hard fate to take and your reasons don’t soften the sin/ Your dogs can bark for you, but you gotta watch when you argue/ Cause dogs will bite and snarl at you, just to remind you they’re harmful/ I feel awful, I’m a mental case, shattered to pieces and I’ve got a palm full/ Past law school and beyond console/ Cause you’ve crossed the bar with me, farther than I’ve ever thought possible/ My choice is now mandatory and not optional/ Don’t ever speak another sentence to me, ever mention me/ I don’t exist, convince yourself you invented me/ You’ve committed the crime of the century/ And just cause loyalty ain’t a trait you possess, Don’t think that I’ll lessen the penalty. V2 (24) What’s your name again? I know, I knew it 2 seconds ago/ But, I don’t recognize this 2nd face, though with the 1st it’s identical/ You were the type that I put on a pedestal. Your acts were commendable/ But the bond of friendship isn’t impenetrable/ And inevitably the blunt force of ego proved lethal/ To a good person forced to wallow in the shit of evil people/ Fundamentally filled with avarice, a cheat from the soul/ Spending their lives to make sure that you ain’t achieving your goals/ Unreasonable kings that want to see you jump through rings of fire For their own amusement, holding nooses – hoping trees are higher/ So abusive towards you that truce just doesn’t seem required/ Cause, why play the game? When you can make the other team retire/ Strings are tirelessly pulled in your favor as you play the rumor creator, Twisting words till they sound like statements you made up/ With a big grin you soak it all in, as former friends/ Go face to face with contradicting convictions/ Plots are thickening, cause you pitched in. You feel important, now?/ Must’ve been high as a kite from snorting clouds/ Sorta proud of yourself, and the way that you hold ya ground/ Distastefully wore the shroud, how’s it feel to have puppets to order ‘round/ But I saw through you, even before I found How you would say ‘no, beef’, give me dap, and hit me with a quarter-pound/ Your loyalty’s watered down, Bottled with a squirt cap/ But When the drama popped off, where the fuck were you to plug the cork back? V3 (16) Men are as harsh, as women are vindictive/ Picking apart minutiae, On some bitch shit, kids all in your business/ Forget honesty, nowadays you’ll be lucky find that quality/ In a drama oddessy where cats never react responsibly/ And I’m jostling with haters, hypocrites and hypochondriacs/ Abolishing their dated ignorance and fighting copycats/ and If I don’t give my patience a rest/ I’ll prolly take my anger to death, complaining about some pain in my chest/ Aged and distressed, thinking ‘bout who just fucked me over – 20 years ago/ Amazing how pricks can miss your skin, yet pierce your soul/ But where’s the line at? Like where does loyalty appear to fold/ And what do you OWE someone and just WHAT do you feel your owed/ But yo, you know when you’ve been done wrong, that numb calm, A breech in the moral code’s eternally portable/ The moral of the story’s old even if it’s poorly told/ Beware of cats that straddle fences like the chain-link rodeo. Chorus: I love you in a place where there’s no space in time (And that’s forever right?) I love you for my life – you are a friend of mine (Only second to family) I love you in a place where there’s no space in time (Who really got your back) I love you for my life – you are a friend of mine (How loyal are your friends, y’all?)
Porcelain 04:39
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Bridge: Knowing if I could give you the sky and also the sea But I don’t think there’s one thing in this world that’ll make you notice me/ Cause you can wield that sword in any direction, you damn well please But you don’t understand, that my heart is in your hands And I’m beggin you not to squeeze. V1 (16) I was ruined in the 7th grade, the pain never changed or went away/ The memory’s ingrained like it was yesterday/ They’re telling me I’m crazed, because I’ve blessed her name/ A steady gaze to sweat her frame, If life is just a play, then she was center stage/ I sent her letter pages on a daily basis/ That her friend’s trashed in waste bins – So, if she asks there’s no way to trace this/ She was the reigning queen of junior high and I was faceless/ Painted bangs and bracelets, and even looked graceful in plated braces/ I hate to say this but my aim was wasted/ So, I trained my heart for 7 years while she remained in basics/ Leading the same parade of babes to places/ Swearing I held a space in her heart, yet every semester she’d vainly replace it/ Yet, I waited and displayed my patience/ Even offered statements of positive advice in her cases of shakey situations/ But she never associated me with hip relations/ With bated breath, I withstood the breakage. Like porcelain. V2 (24) With my hormones racing, praying a for a date on summer vacation/ Around the time when your body is under renovation/ You know when nothing really fits? And the girls get bolder, and start looking for older affiliates/ I hold a silly wish in my mind that she’d willingly kiss these/ lips, but I won’t get Frisky, I get the feeling she’d diss me/ I’m still in a risky position – itching to hit a decision To muster up the ambition to make the proposition/ Desperation became my religion/ The same way you envision cynics finding jesus caged in a prison/ Visiting hours consisted of English Lit & Diction/ History quizzes on Christians to Mr. Richard Nixon/ Transfixed in her smile like the other fifty guys She hypnotized, Guess I’m another stickler for pretty eyes/ I minimized my obsession, never made the confession/ Even evaded her presence at our graduation procession/ It was a decision I later regretted/ Wondering what I could have said and would it have swept her away if I said it/ Step and Repeat and edit – my thoughts clashed/ But I regained my lost chance the very day that we crossed paths again/ I revelled in the opportunity, asked her to go dancing/ Basking in this confidence that was new to me/ And it worked beautifully! A wild night became a quiet ride home/ As I broke the silence her eyes roamed/ 7 years of frustration then hit her ears with abrasion/ As I laced her with my tale of lust, tears and anticipation/ Her reaction was a face of fakeness/ Told me she was flattered, but within a tone lacking any amazement/ It seemed she’d heard it all before/ I realized then, her popularity is what I wanted her for/ I tried to be strong as she hopped out the door/ But even the hardest hearts break when they’re dropped to the floor. Like Porcelain. Chorus: Days pass and time goes on and on, But, you might think my skin was strong enough But there’s something you don’t understand I’m porcelain. I’m porcelain. End Cause in the end… We’re all just little kids with scarred hearts From little kids who think they’re bigger than they really are. Just little boys with scarred hearts From little girls who think they’re older than they really are Just little girls with scarred hearts From little boys who think they’re bolder than they really are Just little kids with scarred hearts From other little kids.
Issawn 04:24
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Elite ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (16) Slack fucks, back it up, Act rough, smash cups/ Crack thumbs Catch a lump, The mad rush anthem Jab Guts, Slap Cuffs on hands of strapped thugs/ Flap Gums, Tap their Mug, Catch slugs? Bad luck/ Clap guns? I’ve had enough, Stack ones? Pass the buck/ Amped, Son? Examine the last punk who’s trap’s shut/ Wack chumps, & fags duck, in the back of a packed club/ We stand front, snatch em, and vanish once the cab comes/ Fast Love? Shag sluts, ass hump, stab muffs/ Women grab studs, show em upper class Tantra/ Now Dance dumb, have fun, I’ll rap till I collapse lungs/ Chickens flash jugs if you wanna have your man sprung/ Dash, crush in the fashion of Mack trucks, that’s crunk, Leave your hat spun, bash drums, after the band’s done/ You’re trapped, stuck, throw a mass tantrum! You can’t front/ We bout to light it up, tell em where you snagged the match from. V2 (24) Monsterous, stompin shit, without the risk of consequence/ Watch it kid, outta respect, learn how to use your common sense/ Rockin it, shock your system out with this atomic kick/ Ominous, sound that picks you up to put you down again/ Dominant, confident, troopin, on without a hitch/ The QN slaughterhouse 5 like Kurt Vonnegut/ Ironic, is it not a bit? You cocky pricks, wanna bitch? You must’ve lost your noodles like you dropped a pasta dish/ Preposterous! Shout at kids, blockin ‘em with a hockey stick/ Your fosse click, gets sent back to the dot com, with lots of hits/ It’s obvious, geologists with documents, have proven that we’re toppling/ The continents by the amount we’re hopping and/ We’re proud of it! I’ll Allow the crowd to vent/ Hip-Hop to politics! No matter what the topic is, we’re squashing it!/ The clock is set! Tick-tick-tock It’s about to get/ Brolic, yet, we always got ya gawkin in astonishment! Break: Tear this bitch down right now. V3 (16) I got the lethal lingo – with a street flow, to keep more/ People eagerly breathing, fiending for the repeat dose/ But there be no sequel, or cheap clone of the team known/ As Deac, Kno, Elite, Tone and beats grown by Domingo/ From the East Coast to Reno, We swing bows and Meet hoes/ With freak jones, and leaves holes so they’re wide enough for free throws/ Now, Reach throats, squeeze hold, but freeze though, police hope/ You do something illegal – like deal coke – you seen blow? Like Deep snow, we shut em down – Peaceful/ Bring your pea coats, if you thinking to drink more, with the chug of a steamboat/ Wanna beef, yo? You bleed, so, don’t leave home with clean clothes/ We “Plink!” Bones, like fink Joe Pesci’s role in Casino/ My speech holds diesel! Heats coal, Please don’t/ Sleep, or your bound to wake up screaming with your sheets soaked/ Fuck a c-note, this here’s free show/ Cause tonight, we’re all millionaires, like the ATM machines broke! Chorus: Lets get set with this, freshness, Restless Kids, Just step to this! Yes, It’s on! This excuse to just wreck shit/ Flex Chicks! Cause we ain’t sexist! Yes, It’s on! Press up next to this entrance Hence, don’t jet for those exits Yes, It’s on! Vexed? Upset? With your section? Then, don’t stress! Release Tension! Yes, It’s on!
From “Archetype” Written by: Substantial, Wordsworth, PackFM, Session, Supastition, Rise & Tonedeff Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1-A (8) [Substantial] Lyrically deep like the teachings of confucious/ Spit ridiculous shit, Like a nipple-less tit – you’re useless/ But hang around anyway hoping to get felt/ Lyrically acidic when I spit it, making mics melt/ I should change my name to phillip cause I’m screwing you up/ Like chicks with tongue piercings I’m assuming you suck/ Plus, I’m the chosen one, you’re feeling me like trinity/ But you ain’t ready to see me lose it, like your daughter’s virginity. V1-B (8) [Wordsworth] Now these are similes, stop mixing the two/ An asshole – no talent – that’s a metaphor, a description of you/ You said it was reviews in newspapers that pushed your album back/ But it wouldn’t have came out quicker if they would’ve induced labor/ If you said something doper, I’d probably quote ya/ But nothing sticks, like putting the opposite sides of magnets closer/ The demographics of where my rap hits/ Towers of above my peers, from where I control air traffic V1-C (8) [PackFM] Eargasmic lyrics – multiples is what my verses give/ You aint a fan? Then I’m serving educational purposes/ You always enter tournaments, always lose in round one/ Somebody must have lost a wack MC cause I just found one/ It ain’t like you’re trash – but you’re far from dope, man/ You’re somewhere in the middle, chillin with Monie & Malcom/ Your label’s fronting on the dough, and they ain’t paying/ You couldn’t get burn if satan gave you rotation on his station. Chorus A It’s Substantial, and the contract on your life is non-negotiable (Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable) Wordsworth is the reason you’re not spoken to (Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable) If I battled you and all your fans, I guess that means I’m ripping both of you (Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable) Session is the reason that your bitch not close to you (Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable) V2-A (8) [Session] Words travel like Magellan does, you on top? Dead it cause/ If you’re over me – you must have fell in love/ Puff an L and bug, cause I won’t be swatted I can’t be seen – I’ll be a dalmation and still won’t be spotted/ Cause in raps, you’re played/ Your piece of shit raps get bitch-slapped till it’s all pitch black like Satchel Paige/ Session – and I must be dissing a tramp/ You could pull your dick out and still piss on your pants. V2-B (8) [Supastition] Man, nobody likes me, I performed two songs and most hate it/ I’m despised by the heavens, my tombstone is post-dated/ I told flex he had to wait to get my album, but I guess he can’t/ Cause they caught him and Clue breaking in the pressing plant/ I’m smacking ya, cause you ain’t really said nothing spectacular/ ‘Yo! You heard what he said?’ – NOPE! I just remember how wack it was/ Who the fuck did your vocals? Man, what studio you pay/ They made it sound like your mic was six studios away. V2-C (8) [Rise] Man, if you seen one MC on the scene, that’s at least three/ When they say the man is holding them down, they mean me/ I’m like, “Lemme find out” things I already know/ Like writers have to take a vote with what line to quote/ That’s horribly said – In, on, or off of your head/ You gets no love! Who would talk you off of a ledge? Because it looks and sounds like what you’re spitting is hard/ Special effects make you tougher like the Wizard of Oz. Chorus A Session is the reason that your bitch not close to you. (Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable) You might say that you’re better than rise, but that’s a load of bull (Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable) Oh, now you wanna give up Rhyming – you’re long overdue (Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable) The name is Tonedeff and these chickens be on the totem pole (Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable) V3 (24) Question? How do you call an MC nice, via the phone line? Pick up and at the sound of the tone, just dial 3 four times/ And speak after the beep or chime/ And leave more mixed messages than, um, Tony Hawk’s dentist, when telling him, “Please Don’t Grind” I reach bold heights that Sikhs won’t find/ Give guide dogs to rap wannabe’s on sight, cause I tend to I beat foes blind/ Don’t mind your eyebrows, that’ll regrow fine/ As far as your life? I got a leash on yours and a new lease on mine/ As far as your wife? well, she’s easily occupied / You see, your girl got a lazy eye, and she’s seeing me on the side/ Quote me up in your thesis, I deserve a trophy for some of these quips/ You’re surrounded by pussies like you’re the only brother of 3 kids/ Whoa! Holy Mother of Jesus! you got a soccer mom? I’m the goalie tucked in her cleavage… yelling ‘Defense!’ You’d think your sense of listening was sent to prison/ Cause I captivate minds with the strength to hold a genie against his wishes/ I’m genius with these renditions of mental attrition/ Known for flowing longer than the Lord of the Rings director’s cut special edition/ So, step to the front, next if you’re wishing/ Claiming you got heart, but in regards to your flow, it seems there’s a ventricle missing/ Crab rappers with no clause in their contract and their genitals itching/ Got me saying ‘Pause’ more than any general Vets assistant/ So I go solo with no problem. While you got so many guests appearances, that you made a cameo on your own album. Chorus: This is what rhymin’s about Line for line, dying to come out So you cant deny it or doubt Signed or unsigned, trying to come out In case you gotta rhyme in a bout Then on every line you can count
Politics 05:16
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (16) Oh mercy, mercy me. At this point of my career I should already be on my third CD/ But every turn of the way has been met with adversity/ But I’m cursed, it seems, and I been disserviced purposely/ And it’s herbs like these, that’ve got my blood boiling to the third degree/ And I’m nervously avoiding this urge to just burst and scream/ Feeling the thirst for revenge! I can no longer pretend/ That mentally I won’t be plummeting off the deep end/ I’m desperately seeking these trendy motherfuckers, Just so I can teach them never to speak on any of us/ There’s something you wanna say? Get that other rapper’s cock out your throat! No wonder he’s been coming out your face/ Son, never doubt The Plague, cause we infect against even the best/ medicines and vaccines, sedatives and bactrine/ I’m fed up with the rap scene/ As I’m Dealing with an amount of politics that would even give the president bad dreams/ V2 (32) Every thing you see and hear was paid for/ So, don’t try to discredit me, cause my shit isn’t played more/ Just imagine having to wait, bored, at the stage door/ Cause nothing aches worse than a name on the marquis when it ain’t yours/ And you’re trying desperately to make noise, but all you get’s hate, From biased record pools that’ll chart anything for their next crate/ Or elitist DJs that only spin vinyl – ‘go get pressed!’/ But give ‘em a Nas exclusive MP3 and they’ll play the shit dead. These vicious double-standards can be seen in many arenas of the game/ From radio burn to video screens, the shit’s the same/ From Magazines to mix DJs – You give ‘em the green, they give the OK Cause niggas are greedy leading the race, they sell you a dream and spit in your face/ And it isn’t easy to look away, when you’re focused on your Budden career/ Pumped up with potential, but you can’t fire nothing from here/ Need anything done? Then you gotta do it yourself with no help/ When you make on your own? Then everyone shows to share the whole wealth. But, Oh well – Another day in a cold hell. When everyone riding your coattails are the same cats that’ll pray your record don’t sell/ I won’t settle for NO REMARKS about ‘room for improvement’/ When you boo at QN5 and refuse to review the music/ Bitch, you’re fronting on the future, stop watching your back and face forward/ Reviewers best to listen to this like they paid for it/ Cause, what the fuck!? Do I need to get shot to get props? Do you need talent? I guess not… but with drug money and a guest spot/ You can spend lots on a track from the producer of the month/ And that’ll induce you with the buzz, that’ll get you news-scoops and the pub/ But Buddy, I’m flat broke. So on that note, I’ll say goodbye to articles/ Bookings for college shows, distribution pushing us hard for dough/ Then you wondering why you’re seeing the same niggas over and over/ The more original the flow, then, the colder the shoulder/ The same reason you can’t stand that verse you heard’s/ The same reason you know it word for word. Dog, it’s Politics. V3 (8) My patience is drifting/ Cause I’m in no political position or famous enough to state my opinion/ Of this game and it’s minions, I’m staying silent and numb/ Cause you can’t put your foot in your mouth or swallow your words while you’re biting your tongue/ So with nice-guy reluctance, I’m fighting my grudges/ And it’s hard to be polite with others when you’d rather take a knife to fuckers/ Here’s my final shot at diplomacy – believe this/ Swing for your third strike, I’m calling you out on the remix/ Chorus: I cant breath And I can’t see And I can’t move Cause I’m sick and tired of these politics I can’t sleep And I can’t think And I can’t live Cause I’m sick and tired of these politics.
Pervert 04:13
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: E-L / Co-Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (16) Yeah… I’m that cat that your mama warned you about/ See I don’t care if you’re a ditz of if you’re clever (No)/ I’ve got a penchant for mentally undressing/ Sexy specimens of the feminine gender (yeah)/ Since that’s the case, I’m dickin down entire cities of chicks/ In broad daylight and in the middle of the street/ But see, it’s all in my head, and though we’ll probably never meet/ I’ve seen you nude and on your knees/ I’m walking ‘round with mirrors on the tops of my shoes/ So, don’t get lazy, ma – I can tell if it’s bushy/ Now, Peeping Tom’s a pussy, no need to hide or be pushy/ It’s way more fun when I know that you see me looking/ I’ve got a confession to make, and the truth is/ That if I’m spending the night over yours to sleep (You better lock your door)/ Cause in the morning, the minute that I’m alone/ I’ll be sniffing your girl’s panties when you leave Bridge Don’t gimme that look, like you don’t want it as much as I do/ You prolly feeling my desire times two/ make a move, girl, you know it’s time to/ Don’t be timid, girl, shy’s for high school, I wanna get you from behind and grind you/ Really, If you’re girlfriend is Bi, cool. We can all intertwine. True. V2 (32) Let’s cut to the chase, ma – There’s a reason that rubbers exist/ And I’m another son of a bitch that’s hunting for kicks/ The fun of it is, wouldn’t you rather have somebody sucking your clit/ Then to be stuck in this shit-hole of a disco?/ Let’s go bake a naked pretzel, Pet Tone’s snake and make it spit all over your lips The width of my dick is so thick, it won’t fit in the midst of a ship’s haul/ Did you call me chauvinist? All because I just wanna be blown and kissed/ Lick your slit and just make you moan in bliss, Stick my dick in your kizzle-hole and jizz/ You know what your motive is, otherwise, you would’ve stayed home and shit/ Roll with it, my hope is this… we fuck and your homegirl’s next/ Only smoking chicks apply to ride T/ And no little bitches get by me, cause I check ID, Kindly, step away from the cock if you ain’t got the jist to freak/ Gimme your heiney – it’ll fit – you’ll see!/I’m a pervert and your Ms. Discrete/ Leaving a bitch with more glistening shit on her neck than Mr. T/ Skillfully spread the legs she’s wet between, I’m thrilled to eat! Pussy’s a delicacy/ I’m getting obscene, but I can’t think of another way to be letting off steam/ Unless you let me get a pet in your jeans/ I’m stretching the seams with my hands in abandon/ feeling titties in tandom But I can’t stand to Take it anymore, I got plans to act, a true pervert will fuck you till you’re handicapped/ And so, gimme your number, nah, fuck it, gimme a hummer.. Shimmy your bum around her mug and then cum to gimme the thunder/ Stick it up under your G-Spot, and rock on/ Then peep the replay at ‘Shhhhh! Iwonttellnobody.dot.com Chorus: Better check up on your girl cause I’m a pervert! I’m a pervert! Down to do some dirt/ Better button up your shirts, cause I’m a pervert! I’m a pervert! Biggest freak on earth/ Better cross your fucking legs, cause I’m a pervert! I’m pervert! Eyeing up your skirt!/ I said my mind is in the gutter, I’m a pervert! I can’t help it! That’s just how I work/
Heavyweight 03:56
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (24) The premises get vacated… The millisecond I kill the seven niggas that play jaded/ Within a record I chill the tepid temperatures they’ve created/ With their pitiful minimal efforts to make statements I spit on em got em schillin out money to cover their late payments/ Cause they’re way dated, these dumb motherfuckers have never paid dues, and believing that they’ve MADE it/ For as long as Im repping intelligent lyrics I figure I’ll stay hated But my mindframe is to Remain Patient/ With niggas posing about as hard as a stripper’s nipples on stage naked/ Yo, I can’t take it, I’m keeping em plummeting toward the bottom like stocks that’s daytraded/ Net-fiasco’s, Get these asshole’s Fates Tainted/ Flaming & relocating just like Gay Vagrants/ Tone slays the giants, like my legal name’s David/ What I say’s Blatant, no apologies necessary to glaze the game blazing/ Touch overdubs or change the phrasing/ Lyrically maintaining/ jugular vein’s straining/ Tonedeff adds to the pressure with bass so deep it makes your brains cave in. I’ll break it down for the laymen, for the niggas that ain’t acing the basic training/ My rations got their trays swaying/ Galleries use my verses for Page framing/ Cause, hey I stay flagrant with lyrics nastier than Tammy Faye bathing/ Keep comp shook like charter plane when it’s raining/ I stay phat on the underground like there was a buffet in the main bassment/ Sometimes I be slaying for entertainment/ Cause, yo, Im outclassing motherfuckers, without ever having to weigh in. V2 (24) No one’s as gifted or as vigorously meticulous with a writtern scripture/ Or spits with this infinite syllablism that I’ve been equipped with/ Should I quit with the quick shit or pitch shift a negative 50% in an effort to get rich/ Or stick with the swiftness for the niggas that get this/ Even when I’m simplistic, I can be unbelievably cryptic/ The rhythm endures the physical force to split a tree with a discuss/ With the ease of a flicked wrist, your soul can be seized from a distance/ In an instant – by this Plague affiliate that’s seething with sickness/ I seem to get listless with these kids when I see what they dismiss/ Cause anything missing a punchline’ll get eased outta business/ Like delivery’s not important! Rhythm and rhyme schemes are ignored it’s horrid/ Son, if you can’t flow – then become a comedian a ghost writer or poet/ If you ain’t repping the artform then don’t record it/ Heads are starving and fiending for an assortment of global proportions/ If you ain’t feeding the scores of supporters, then you’re hoarding/ And you’re a whore that’s killing your heritage like Lizzie Borden/ The dexterity I display scrambles your cells like you was a dizzy warden/ Committed to scoring more than a jiggy mormon/ With a diamond studded bible that bling-blings in the sunlight/ When I rhyme at full throttle, I’m titled “Supreme Being” when I come tight/ And these things are finally done right/ Like obscene scenes riding your slut wife/ Our extreme flings stifle your love life/ Stun like blunt strikes from a swung pipe someone was hiding from sight/ And exceed speeds of fire in gunfights. V3 (16) And you can bank on it! The playing odds’ll stay solid/ If you remain brolic with name calling, leave with a ganked wallet/ I take solace in making profits like fake scholars/ That want you to waste dollars for paid knowledge in state college/ With great prowess, I face off with and shank cowards/ And waste all their debased followers, Break laws with a brave heart like the late Wallace/ I chase robbers, escaped convicts who rape songs and create garbage/ Embrace carnage, they ain’t artists! Sample their flavor and you’ll taste vomit! [Gasp] I need a reminder to intake oxygen/ Space-Polymer Based oxidants.. Say hot shit, display confidence/ Hey audience! [BREATHE!!] Just wave arms till it’s plain obvious/ Play God, and persuade crowds to behave honest and pay homage/ And pray thoughtlessly awful authors are marked for death like stained coffins/ I keep clean cause I bathe often and never illegally trade documents/ Hate-mongers, repent! Let me set it straight! I’m the heavyweight, like long lines in front of a Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers! Potna. Chorus The Heavyweight flow! It’s tonedeffinite – Everything goes/ Can you Play? NO!! With Your Petty Stage Show It’s Tonedeffinite Ready, Wait – GO!! The Heavyweight Pro with the heavyweight flow!
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff (Hook: Deacon The Villain) Produced by: Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (16) One day you’ll look back at your life and wonder, like “what the fuck was I thinking”/ Puffing and drinking at seven – public delinquent/ Setting yourself up for nothing, just loving life, cussing & beefing/ Without knowing what to believe in/ Or even care for that matter, cause you’re too young to be hunting for reason/ When school days are your function of meeting/ And looking back on the days when the term ‘back in the days’ wasn’t existent/ You wonder if who you were is who you are this instant/ Cause when you’re 10 you’re not far from an infant/ Or when prom could be listed down as your longest commitment/ Shit, time has a wicked sense of humor that’s harshly sadistic/ It puts what you did wrong, in the distance by foggin your senses/ I harbor resentment for bandwagons, and tailgators, Braggart cats who ain’t graduate with a penchant for brand-fashion Little miss know it all bitches, and Bully-Ass bastards with bad manners/ So, if you can’t stand it, let’s demand action/ V2 (32) You see – hindsight is 20/20 as motherfucker/ Some people never learn from others, cause they love to suffer/ I’m being real with y’all, I seldom bunch my tongue up/ Yet, to this day, I never had the balls to say ‘fuck’ in front my mother/ I’ve come to realize the world changes with every summer/ Sundown to sun up, the seasons run out asunder/ I’ve seen the power of drugs, of greed and the violence of guns/ And the people somehow get numb, as evil devours the young, With a feeble amount of love instilled in em, Meanwhile even teachers don’t wanna build with ‘em/ But I realized that I can still hit em, and see inside where the chill bit em/ With heat provided by a lil rhythm/ I seek to guide whoever’s grippin for wisdom, I’ll do what I can/ Cause I wished I received a bit a this, but I was doomed to withstand/ The unscrupulous manner In which I learned, with ruthless abandon/ Now, due to demand… children behold the truth is at hand/ See, them cats you hanging with now, is who you are/ And they’ll become their parents, so look at them and decide if that’s who you wanna be/ Honestly, think about their qualities,/ You’re probably exhibiting parts of these people’s behaviors chronically/ Call me a saint to warn ya – see that bitch that thinks she’s the shit At 15 with the heaving tits, the type kids would just fiend to get/ Will end up pregnant before she hits community college, broke and soon to be jobless Abused by the dude she gets high with/ See, little girls believe every love is true and it’s timeless/ Till they get fucked by ‘Mr. Cool’ and guess who ends up crying/ But guys ain’t no stranger to the forces of nature/ We’re only out for pussy, that’s why we split with no good reason to break up/ Now, Mr. Popularity… is just that. In 10 years, he’ll be Mr. Popularity with a bad job and a mustasche/ So, fuck that socialite bullshit that they force upon you/ Believe me, this is the exact course I’ve gone through. Break Fly your own way – Do your own thing/ Fuck what they say – Follow your own swing/ Use your mind now – Don’t get swept up/ Use your time well – Don’t get kept up/ Live your own life – Get your taste right/ Find your own vibe – Fuck what they like Don’t get caught up – Live in your own skin V3 (16) See, most motherfuckers are sheep, it was true then and it still is/ Take away the uniforms, y’all will dress the same way to fit in/ Nowadays I see ya… doing whatever you see on TV/ Media Brainwashed, buying a new trend every 3 weeks/ And you’re knee deep in cheap weed, liquor… there’s even STD’s in pre-teens It’s different now… So, fuck whatever we think/ Right? Well, ya might be. Things have only changed ever so slightly/ Like… Same Jordans minus the swoosh from Nike/ I see it’s worse than ever. There’s no respect and no thirst to endeavour/ Just kids that want to be first in the center/ With no work ethic – to earn their own personal shelter, Bursting with pent up aggression, these are the things you observe as an elder/ Cause when you grow it hurts to stay inside your shell/ I’ll prolly rewrite this song in 20 years, and dedicate it to myself/ I guess the jist of it is, that when you’re big, you’ll just miss how you lived/ And when you’re a kid, you’ll just wish you were big/ So For now. Chorus: Why Don’t You Fly On By/ If Your Flock Dives You’ll Die You can get up under the wind and glide away/ The Sky is big enough for everybody. You don’t have to live life the normal way/ Just Glide Your Own Way.
Case Closed 03:31
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Domingo ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) V1 (16) Let’s get a bit acquainted, Hey, it’s t-o-n-e-d-e-double-the-eff, with the famous flow/ Known to be flipping syllables even when the pace is slow/ Gracious, No! Save your soul, guess who is coming to take this throne/ Break this whole motherfuckin’ game down, and reclaim crowns/ Cause I’m sick of layin’ down – watching these companies reign now/ When it’s obvious something is playin’ out, on the stage while you’re unconscious they shoving to gain ground/ And sedate crowds with the same sound they’ve been layin up into your brain loud/ Enough to take any rational thought – and leave your brain clouded to rap as just pop/ Isn’t it insane how – niggas be keeping their face frowned/ perpetrating their need to erase clowns… they remain proud, till the minute you see them in lace gowns/ All the sudden, they flee to escape town, they’re ashamed cause they got busted/ Just because of that, and not really because they regret what they’ve done, is disgusting/ This discussion’s meant to function as a general centerpiece sent at these enemies bent on resenting me, better be set if we enter the end of peace/ Settling isn’t an option no more/ We gon’ box in this war… you’ll be hearing them bells before we knock on your door/ V2 (24) Now that you been initiated up into this movement, Get at your favorite idiot who’s spits/ Hit him a little bit with your 2 fists, Kick in his grill until he is toothless/ Give him a min to get up and cue this, Single out eve-ry limb that’s wounded/ Whip him again with a heavy pool stick, dig on his bitch, and then beg he do shit/ Ruthless roots of abuse set loose for execution/ Of any groups that get us confused with petty fools who’ll let you crew win/ Check the movements, fluent as I ever was, I said it! Because- You would never think that a nigga that never drink would ever step it up to get a better buzz/ On the regular – the odds you’ve leapt ahead of us, are prolly less, than Oedipus hating his mother Or Disney hiring sexual predators/ Senators getting elected a 3rd consecutive term, A nurse who doesn’t do enemas/ Permanent henna, a surfer that catches more waves then your current antennae does/ Sure… I make it look effortless, with every sentence that tends to be cleverly/ Penned… More wreckless then Session ingesting hennesey, blends/ More treacherous than even being the Kennedy – Men/ And for any requesting the identity of the technically Best MC? Guess, but… Yep – it’s Me. Step to see, the a new strain of the plague, raised to abuse breaks/ Unphased of what you say, cause I dead lines, all without a due date/ I’m the new age. New school. New page. New rules. Any attempt to try to pull away is just a doomed fate for a few fools/ QN5, represent the true scene, so we’re guaranteed one of two things/ Either we’re showered with praise or we’re simply hated by every review team/ What I’ve stated was meant to reduce kings into paupers, and to seduce queens to get topless/ And to revolutionize everything you think hip-hop is. Chorus: Buckle Up! Brace Yourself! Knuckle Up! Take No L’s/ Dust to Dust! Say Farewell! (Your) Numbers Up! Save Yourself! Buckle Up! Tight! We’re gonna tussle! We’re gonna Fight! Until you never touch another mic! Or it’s your life… Then – Case Closed! [Repeat – X2] Buckle Up! Brace Yourself! Knuckle Up! Take No L’s/ Dust to Dust! Say Farewell! Don’t fuck with us! Save Yourself! Buckle Up! Tight! We’re gonna tussle! We gonna Fight! Until you never touch another mic! Or it’s your life… Then – Case Closed. [SUNG] This is the way, we ever gonna see that it stops/ And if not, you might as well give up on hip-hop/ Cause this is the case, in this day and age/ We gotta kick in your face if you’re just in for fame
Gathered 05:21
From “Archetype” Written by: Tonedeff Produced by: Tonedeff String Arrangement by: Jennifer Curtis (J-Quartet) & Tonedeff ©2005 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Nothing really seems to matter When you’ve gone this far Got all my belongings gathered Got my best shoes on Walking on the line Hope you’re there with me Following behind Watching intently What you gonna do when no one’s There to hear your song And if so, how long until you Think you should move on. Walking on the line No one there to catch me Curious and blind Fear of what I can’t see So don’t, don’t say you want it When you know you don’t need it How hard is it to say what’s on your mind Don’t say you want it When you know you don’t need the weight to make it to the other side But are you brave enough to try. Sometimes we think we can fly, with our wings tattered Sometimes we don’t think to try, cause we don’t know any better So, I’ve gathered myself just to prove To me that I’m not afraid anymore – I am not afraid anymore Of what’s around the corner. I am not afraid anymore Nothing really seems to matter When you’ve gone this far Got all my belongings gathered Got my game face on Walking on the line I know you’re here with me Following behind Watching intently So don’t, don’t say you want it When you know you don’t need it How hard is it to say what’s on your mind Don’t say you want it When you know you don’t need the weight to make it to the other side But are you brave enough to try. Sometimes we think we can fly, with our wings tattered Sometimes we don’t think to try, cause we don’t know any better So, I’ve gathered myself just to prove To me that I’m not afraid anymore. Sometimes, we blink at the moon like we didn’t see it coming Sometimes we jump in too soon, from the fear of running. Just when you think that there is nothing in the world To see – Just know there is something around the corner You know there’s something around the corner. (Hey) You know, there’s something around the corner. But you don’t have to be afraid anymore.


released April 5, 2005


all rights reserved



QN5 New York, New York

QN5 Music is an independent hip hop collective based in NYC. Home to Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, PackFM, Substantial & Kokayi.

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