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Happy F​*​ck You Songs

by Extended Famm

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    Extended Famm's 'Happy F*ck You Songs' was created in an effort to push the boundaries of the standard"posse-cut" with progressive new concepts that force hip-hop in new conceptual directions. A few things that have yet to be done by groups or even in hip-hop in general are done on this killer collection of 13 tracks.

    With Tonedeff handling the majority of the production with Elite & Deacon The Villain lending their talents to 3 of the albums 10 songs, the results are justifiably blazing. Groundbreaking tracks like "Line Drop" and tried & true battle-ready anthems like "The Evil That Pens Do", & "FYIRB (remix)" are what this album's all about.

    a) PackFM & Substantial - "Rock On" [MP3]
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Intro 01:27
From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Tonedeff, Substantial, Session & PackFM Produced by: Tonedeff ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus It’s The Evil That Pens Do, we can’t help it/ Over instrumentals, you get dealt with/ Got you nodding your head, until your neck breaks/ We’re professionals, do what you do best, and spectate. V1B – TONEDEFF Now, who gets nasty like this on a regular basis/ Spent more time with a permanent pen than I ever did with erasers/ I’m making these lame disgraces beg Eddie Murphy to trade their places/ Curse their managers in church and disgrace their agents/ Displaying the flagrant anger in me, in its raging stages/ It’s plainly outrageous… these cats is buggin like aphids/ Been waiting to spray this in any face to face engagement/ I be coming off of the cuff, leaving your girl with a pearl bracelet/ I’m firm and invasive. You diss, the response is abrasive/ I will warp your fuckin’ mind, like Hunter Thompson in Vegas/ And won’t be stopping for ages. Kid, you’re merit is gainless/ The numbers speak for themselves just like alphanumeric pages/ Im out to replace the haste and poor taste that restrain us/ With more signature lines in masterpieces than famous painters/ You couldn’t cut it close with a sheen tracer/ When nobody’s watching, I’ll take over your set like a screen saver/ Please see to your behavior. Tonedeff is ominous/ Tearing out your heart just like bitches with broken promises/ Honest. My rhymes will keep you in astonishment/ (With) so many lines, I got geometrists with doctorates with postulates/ But I’m on top of it, send em back to the lab/ Kids be kickin’ battle raps about the skills they don’t actually have/ So, I tactfully, polysyllabically, drastically stab em/ With more lines than the amount of times that Ive been asked to collab/ With this masterful plan, put your balls in a sling/ A Constant winner in the summer, even make comp fall in the spring/ It’s all in a blink, cause I be visionary/ These are definitive times, yo, I hope you got your watch and dictionary. V1B – SUBSTANTIAL Yall cliché like old sayings role playing like thesbians/ You vagina fronting hard like a butch lesbian/ You thought that we was done this is where the test begins/ You feminine like estrogen riding the style like equestrians/ This specimens invisible like ice cream trucks in winter/ Contenders we get up in ya leave pussy straight tender/ I’m warning ya suckers stay away if you’re phonier/ Than Milli Vanilli rocking a cubic Zerconia/ No job rapper mooching off your mom rapper/ Don’t write lyrics you bite lyrics hard rapper/ Battling to see who’s wacker come back record rappers/ Ending every line with the same word rappers/ Sound familiar never should you familia/ You rap clowns could give me pat downs I wouldn’t feel ya/ Vicious is my behavior you’re hoping your man saves ya/ ‘Cause I bring pain like wiping your ass with sand paper/ Underground like a hermit as close as you come to perfect/ Lyrically licensed to kill nigga you need a learner’s permit/ Simpleton I injure men from Washington to Michigan/ Losers couldn’t be like if our names were synonyms/ Ill enough to get a quotable for my chorus/ ‘Cause this my world and you faggots are just tourists/ Meanwhile piranhas bite my whole style verbatim/ But them niggaz ain’t me that’s exactly why I hate them Chorus V2A – SESSION With fantastic tactics you get your ass kicked / when I back flip and land heels first on your back, kid / voice wrapped in plastic, when I spit it, explosive / acidic, erosive, you get it in doses / battles? I’ll have you shootin at me after / charge my brain when I connect my nerves to nuclear reactors / who can I be after, precisly laser guided / I catch burn on joints like arthritis when I write it / gettin excited, ya scared, grabs your guns tight / when I coughed, the sky divided, light blinded, GOD yelled guzuntight / I’ll turn the market, wit hails of tunes / learn your target and trail wit goons, burn your carcass inhale the fumes / I bring heat in battle, what you come up wit is dull / I’ll drop your water percentage, vapors comin up from your skull / I’ll heat the toast, and beat on most / I slay you dead on the spot and speak to ghosts, defeatin most with preachin notes / I spit bricks and lift tenements, grab mics rip an event / hip hops fifth element / I hurt clowns, I dont push up I push the earth down / go the full nine yards and still get the first down / on one play have bums layed when my tongue spray / and you cant come back like gettin stuck on a one way / your lungs cave everytime you try and rip tracks / you suck so much your throat muscles get snapped when you spit raps / so get back, you gettin fucked for the last time like I dead slut / wit the size of my ego I’ll hit the world wit a headbutt / step up, I got Tone, Stan, and Pack FM / while your rhymes is so pussy ya faggots attractin men! V2B – PACK FM Its the Evils That Pen’s Do, Ya rhymes will be used against you// With the mic as my untensil, I write rhymes monumental/ If I offend you, I meant to. When I’m on an instumental/ It’s just so sentimental, Takin you back like a rental/ Flippin scripts Like gymnastic actors, who practice back flips/ On pissy mattresses, Knock worlds swallowed by galactus off axis/ Cats want to be as nice as Pack is, but they dont practice/ You’re just a wack bitch, You aint suptising me/ You’re over rated, like Barney parental advisoy/ So why are these kids tryna be grimey and greasy/ I’ll fuck with you head, Not even eggs get over easy/ These niggas be actin sleezy, gettin up in my face/ Girls try to touch me and tease me, I dealt with the case/ You waste time, I lace rhymes with dopeness/ For the MC’s that quote this, I triple the dosage, call me the mic doc/ Might rock the spot like after shocks/ For niggas who been rhymin’ twice as long, and still dont have half the props/ You have to stop…Your paragraphs make me laugh/ Your whole crew cant even fuck with my faculty and staff/ Send a memo to the seargant, tell him fire up the squadrant/ Got these garbage niggas chargin, sayin they’e butter when they’re margerin/ But they melt either way/ I be the P the A C the K, See the way i flow is out of the norm/ Schoolin’ kids like a college, You’ll get housed like a dorm// With a ratio of shady hoes, We got the crazy flow/ With a Substantial amount of Sessions at Deff Radio (It’s Like That Bitch!) Chorus
Line Drop 03:36
From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Tonedeff, Substantial, Session & PackFM Produced by: Tonedeff ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus Lets begin… E-F-@-Double-M / At the top with rhymes, when we droppin lines/ The line drop… spit it at the proper time / Cause if it’s wack, it’s yours, but if it’s hot…it’s mine. V1A – SUBSTANTIAL Battle rap bastard raw beat heathen / Wack rappers suck so much they bleed semen / You bare bitch feeble we scare rich people / Your best verse worse than the Blair witch sequel. V1B – PACK FM We’re so lethal, You’re see through like peep holes/ Your style makes no sense, Like whispering to deaf people/ V1C – SUBSTANTIAL Yo the fags talking all that jazz like Duke Ellington/ Smack’em so hard my fingerprints are on their skeleton. V1D – PACK FM We’re much better than all of you wannabe felons/ When we’e done, you’ll use the ice on your wrist to calm the swelling/ Take your life by scaring you half to death twice/ EFAMM IS MAD NICE Now who the fuck are you telling? V1E – SESSION Props to cats e-mailing. Throwing us compliments/ Spitting confident, make you wonder where your mama went/ Cause we’re rocking it. Rhymes in perfect rhythm/ Diss? You don’t wanna go there, like Turkish prison/ Your mom? Bitch on her knees like she works for Jism/ Have her lips looking like some bird shit hit em. V1F – TONEDEFF Get him? Your snippets make a better circumcision/ Diss eF@mm, you’d better pucker up slow like a turtle kissin/ I’m certain your missing the illest lyricist if / If you’ve never witnessed a 4-Family nigga burn a victim / I turn a rhythm on it’s side, verbal with the homicide/ Cause our words are heavy, whenever we drop lines. Chorus V2A – TONEDEFF eF@mm is dropping lines with extensions/ I’m commencing to wreckin’ this setup with plenty of recommendations/ Outta frustration, Alotta brothers be sending for reparations/ So, hot, that niggas be checkin the ventilation/ Invasion! Make em say HOLD UP, without a second of hesitation/ We Check our medication. V2B – SESSION Like, damn yo, I don’t feel shit….But we still sick / Eat a wack cat to take pills with, but we spill spit with the ill shit/ I write flows vexed/ Stepping is crazy, we beat nuts like Psycho Les. V2C – SUBSTANTIAL Give me the mic don’t test better fight your best / Styles hang heavy like size O breasts / U. Violet Ef@mm connect 4) Face fucked with the mic like oral sex / Fuck So So Def let a homo test / Watch how I let a nigga know slow death. V2D – PACK FM Damn! Efamm, we’re the wicked MC’s Switch the beat and we kick it with ease when I’m Some What Vexed, you’ll be weak in the knees Tried to stay away from beef and got mad chicken disease Got a tendancy to go back and forth You can’t fuck with our style so you’re jackin’ off! Chorus V3A – PACK FM When my lines drop, It’ll make your spine pop My lines drop jaws, Make your shorty drop drawers So cold – drop temperatures, Cop this when it drops in the stores HipHop, Drum & Bass I got the soul When I heat shit up, stop drop and roll V3B – SUBSTANTIAL We be that E-F-@-double M …Lyrically we troublesome Battle mad crews but none will win. V3C – TONEDEFF Got niggas like dice that’s tumbling/ We like cracks in the sidewalk, you stumbling/ Makin you strudder when I talk, bumbling/ We humble men, the flood comes from within/ Your show’s all talk like Ed Sullivan/ V3D – SESSION We come to win/ Under your breath, like Short folks that be muttering/ When we uttering, we’re thundering/ Rhyme juggling while you’re sputtering. V3E – SUBSTANTIAL A Fair fights me and a hundred men / Abort them wack rhymes you motherin’/ Slap you so hard – need Bufferin / Keep these bitch niggaz sufferin’ / Just like the U.S. government / Pull strings like a republican / Keep you wonderin’ where your mother been . V3F – TONEDEFF Style’s old like Donald Sutherland. V3G – SESSION Your corny style needs buttering. V3H – PACKFM I should’ve wrote for this, duhduhduhduhduhda (mumbled) V3I – SUBSTANTIAL Ayo, Pack stop mumbling! V3J – PACKFM Man, fuck it then…the hook’s coming in! Chorus
From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Tonedeff, Substantial, Session & PackFM Produced by: Tonedeff ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus I dont waste time kickin rhymes about cheddar/ All i gotta say is fuck you i rhyme better/ I aint got no gators and i cant afford a leather All i gotta say is fuck you i rhyme better/ I bet u think those little raps u kickin is clever/ All i gotta say is fuck you i rhyme better/ While you’re pushin a lex, we roll in escorts and jettas/ All i gotta say is fuck you i rhyme better V1 – SESSION The flows you all say shows you are gay / I put holes in ya body, and play flute when I blow you away / you know you are played, dude still think he king / but ya chic wrapped around my finger like pinky rings / doin kinky things, turnin her inside out / I doubt you cant last long enough to try out / thats how im layin chics, ya lady’ll get it / cause ya rhymes are like radio edits, you aint sayin shit! you playin wit a dude, rhymin hot, thumpin on you fools / only time I flop, is jumpin in a pool wit my arms open / trom smokin, the hash blaza / you dudes be all on my sax like Jazz players / but fuck you, I rhyme better, best design sweaters / and ya dime? get her as soon as I met her / Session align letters to cause damages / turn were you from into city of angels like Los Angeles. Chorus V2 – TONEDEFF Tone turns caked nig|gas to professional pie catchers/ High Action, I’m apt to put in more legwork than a thigh master I finally figured how you could die faster/ I’d number your days, but rather letter them instead, and then alphabetize backwards/ Flabbergasted at how I send these rhymes past ya/ You’re the MVP of the National Fuck-up League, and everyone in your squad’s a linebacker/ I’m trapped behind a padded fence, I’m that intense/ When all I see is skilless rappers fucking models with no fashion sense/ Braggarts get caught out there with popped fly’s/ Say you getting pussy… then your cat’s ass whistles when it walks by/ You’re looking to spot an embarrassing weakness?/ Well, you inherited sweetness, yo, they called your cross-dressing father a tootsie-pop/ ^ Son, I’m, son-ing you, son, and what not/ Hot as the sun’s son, son – avoiding all baby mama drama with Son block/ You stood at the bus stop with your Barbie lunchbox/ And now, you invented the remix? Well, I invented the cumshot. Chorus V3 – PACK FM Yeah yeah, I got cheddar, But I aint gotta rap about it/ I just knock a nigga out with, Rhymes thats shockin like an open outlet/ Fuck who got the doper outfit, Snatch you out of your surroundings/ We could battle for a thousand, What the fuck you know about this? Rhyme better, gooder, bestest greatest, With the newest, freshest latest/ Who can you impess with gators? Timbs are used for stomping craters/ In the chest of haters, Lexus, Benz and Escalad-ers/ Got you thinkin you’re a player, Like the Giants, Jets and Raiders/ You’re a spectator! I got nothing left to say to cats/ Who’re gassed about the latest fashion trends, They’ll be the first to lose and last to win/ And if you didnt know, the name is PackFM/ Dont cross the line, if you expect to shine/ You cant come close to mine. V3B – SUBSTANTIAL I came here to whip ass and chew bubble gum / And I’m all out of bubblicious so yall in trouble snitches / For yall a bunch of stitches til yall get dumped in ditches / Now there’s no tomorrow cock smoker sanunara / So hot make hell flames feel lukewarm / Burning alive the silly bastard that put you on / That’s like asking a virgin to do porn / You should be shot, stabbed, pissed and boo-booed on / Yo I write hooks better than your last 3 songs / Rhymes ghetto ass fat you got a baggy thong / Loud mouths I shut’em up wanna ride buckle up / Bitch smack your shit raps back to West Bubble Fuck / I’d write you an ill verse and you’d still fuck it up / Sun I’ve heard asthmatics with more breath control / Could care less if you’re plat or if your record’s gold / In a battle better pray God protect your soul / ‘Cause when I bust your shit best believe it’s undeniable / This rap’s impact will leave a tank undriveable / Substantial aka the widowmaker / Lady middle breaker faithfully you haters better take a knee / If your crew was in the house there soon will be a vacancy / Sent your men packing in hiding like Bin Laden / You been lacking fuck yall we been doper / You were born ass you came out the womb bent over! Chorus
Pause (Skit) 00:53
From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Tonedeff & PackFM Produced by: Elite ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus You know it’s Tonedeff & PackFM/ Came through to bomb the nation/ Don’t Fall for imitations or rhyming abominations/ We’re sorry we kept you waiting/ But glad you had the patience/ Cause it’s worth it for (A Good Combination). V1 – PACK FM We’re like Boom-Bap and BackPacks, Krylon and fat caps/ Thug cats that pack gats, BMI and ASCAP/ Now where the fuck my cash at? Dow Jones and NASDAQ/ Bad luck and black cats, Bad guys and black hats. V1B – TONEDEFF Like Cupid to card stores, Lucas to Star Wars, Han & Chewbacca, and Kaufman to Latka, Breakers moving on cardboard/ Cartman & candy, markers and tagged streets, Marvel & Stan Lee/ Carson, McMann, even Austin Powers & Bad Teeth. V1C – PACK FM Nah we’re like Fred and Daphne, Velma Shaggy and Scooby/ Cole slaw, Mashed potatos and a biscuit with your 2 piece/ Popcorn and movies, MC’s and loose leaf/ Headwraps and Couffies, Woodstock and Snoopy. V1D – TONEDEFF Like Rick Baker to Poncho, we that unlimited combo/ Like skinny women and Cosmo, Chickens & Gonzo/ Diggin & Fossils, Syphilis and brothels, Bitches & Thongs go Hand in hand like Scalpers and Tickets to Rock Shows. V1E – PACK FM We be the head honchos, We got hoes in the whip giving hot dome/ On the way to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles/ We got mad cheddar, stayin dipped like nachos/ You cant afford a ride, you just go around takin pictures at car shows/ I dont even know her – “why she in the car though” / “Pack you got some ‘splaining to do” ... Like Ricky Ricardo / Fuck it, in today out tomorrow/ Movin mad units out the store, like puttin ducktape over the barcodes. V1F – TONEDEFF Don’t let me catch my lines caught on ya teeth/ Honestly, I’m at war with these pussies, rocking a condom and army fatigues/ I Knew something was fishy, when your girl’s all out her jeans/ Bothering me, rockin a flowerprint padded bra on her knees/ Pardon me, please… I’m fuckin silly with barbs over beats/ You know your ass never bargained for T, nigga, Toss your receipts / Kids never admit to an honest defeat/ So, I walk with a hidden camera to serve you, so I can send you a copy for free/ Chorus V2A – TONEDEFF We come together like 5 lions forming the voltron/ Holmes & Watson, Doors & Knobs and Holes & Cocks and Hotels post prom / Silent Bob & Jay, Tylenol and aches, Willis & Arnold, Alyssa Milano with…none of her clothes on/ V2B – PACK FM Burt and Ernie, Robin and Bat Man, Lavern and Shirley/ Moe Larry and Curly, Jake and the Fat Man/ A bag of chips and soda pop, Quark Xpress and Photoshop/ Decepticons and Autobots, Rock On and ya dont stop!/ V2C – TONEDEFF Pokey & Gumby, Mulder & Scully, in charge like Charles & Buddy, Heckle & Jeckle to Sideshow Bob & Krusty/ Rhymes & Drum Beats, Mathau & Lemon when they was old & grumpy/ Pacino, Deniro, Mr. Flava Flav & Chuck D. V2D – PACK FM Sagat and Bison vs. Ryu and Ken/ (street fighter sounds)/ And just in case by now you haven’t figured it out/ Ya girls favorite combo, is my dick in her mouth. V2E – TONEDEFF Fred & Barney, Gleason & Carnie/ Jack, Chrissy & Janet, or Pee-Wee & Jambi Ravers to X, Las Vegas to bets, onto virgins and locked knees/ Kirk & Spock with a starfleet, Apollo & Rocky, to Xerox and copies. Chorus V3A – TONEDEFF Incentive… Pack & Tonedeff, back up off us Inventive… Got our own branch at the patent office / The Famm is extended, highly recommended On record, second only to red when it comes to rockin with method/ Man, I’m bringin the pain, come fill in the blanks/ (shit is deranged) Overcast shows, then kick you out with an umbrella for you to go sing in the rain/ Go listen anything else you were playing, go bet if it isn’t the same/ We’re still in the ranks! They got you gassed, but we got ‘em spillin their tanks. (Tone, you’re killing it) Thanks. V3B – PACK FM We come sharper than a ginsu, “Even slices through a thin shoe”/ Hit you in the grill with more combos than a value menu The tag team specialist, my Plague fam extension is Sending a fuck you with a smile, I hope you share the sentiments/ So when you know its me, Better run like cheap hosiery/ Efamm and The Plague, I roll with more clicks than a rotary/ So now we back in this bitch, yall makin me sick/ 48 inches of wax – my track record’s as long as my dick! Chorus
Velocity 04:47
From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Tonedeff & Substantial Produced by: Elite ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus Do you feel the need for speed? Indeed you do/ We need you to, Clear the way, We’re speeding through/ Can you feel the velocity, just hold tight/ Bear Wear witness to what future MC’s will flow like. V1 – TONEDEFF Can you feel speed coming? / The beats humming, you need something to keep your knees buckling/ Keep frontin, you’ll be duckin from these hunting obese gunmen/ Airing out these fuckin MCs puffin, so breath some in/ See, Each one of my words is just stunningly stern/ And it’s funny you learn through action not example that’s exactly why I have to smack you/ Learn that (smack, smack), Learn it again (smack) got it now?/ Didn’t ya know that tonedeff can flow fast enough to mow sonic down/ Well, I’m on it… shower your senses, power defenses up, If you don’t wanna get offended/ Or else it death and a negative attendance in the census, When I render you senseless,/ I’m the veteran that was sent with a vengeance, that’s leaving you with a set of bent wrists And a dented cleft chin, left with a horsejaw prolly gonna need a veterinarian or a dentist/ Better get a move on, call U-Hall and troop on to Sioux Falls with Blue Balls, You all really think you’re ill until we’re just sharing the bill with you all and we’re too raw Who’s stalling? Cause I done never held it back man. Step or take your last stand, while we enact raps to packed jams/ Idiot niggas, figure they’re quicker till the maniac is leaving them with one shoulder missing like it’s Flashdance/ Can’t stand these motherfuckers that can’t rap, tonedeff & Stan – instrumental like Sam Ash/ Fuck a bitch until her pussy cat naps/ Y’all niggas are Pretty In Pink and you been chillin with the ‘Brat Pack’/ Fact is, our stats kick your ass bitch, you’re too average to consider surpassing/ The task is tedious, really, this beat is just feeding me/ You thought Gonzalez was Speedy! Chorus V2 – SUBSTANTIAL You’re wacker than Ja Rule we fast and furious like Vin diesel / Ink penetrates the paparus my pen’s lethal / Sookie, Sookie you rookie goodie goodie we been evil / Fuck one on one Tone and I take ten people / To even up the odds ‘cause you and your friends feeble / Styles been played like movies with 10 sequels / (Do you love hip-hop?) does eminem offend people / Well so do we ‘cause absolutely nothing’s what you’re showing me / Vocally magnificent what you want is insignificant / In the big picture bitch nigga you’re so sensitive / Gonna squirt some I hurt one or two persons before the verse done / Your mom be sucking the girth numb beat it up and made her cum / Efamm making you nerds run when I get the mic it’s curtains / If you don’t like it when your earth’s done blow me homey / Hold that mouth full of cock sauce and a bozak / UV and E til I got wack that’s never homey know that. Chorus V3A – TONEDEFF Say what you want, but don’t ever claim that you want it/ Stay in the closet or you’ll sustain so much pain that you’ll vomit solid objects/ You never swallowed, like hollow organs, you’ll cough up/ Dried esauphagus knots and notches, We’re the marvelous 2 That are part of the crew that came to astonish, The Plague is brolic/ Scrape your face with abrasive cleanser, say that we’re raining comet/ Fame’s a promise you’ll never fufill, I’ll just set up the kill/ Substantial lances in your neck, and sets your head on a hill/ Really, for the world to see, Everybody wanna get busy until they really gotta twirl with me/ I score with ease, and floor your team, I’m sure you dream of fuckin, if weren’t for your ball disease You’d prolly skeez a broad or three, But all of ‘em see that you aint nothing but a poor emcee/ So, if you’re looking for your pride, and a reason to die in the blink of an eye, then they all with me/ Now, hold your screams in, you don’t wanna play in the court the kings in From Newport to Kingston/ I’ll give you more defeats in wars than Normandy complete with hordes of soldiers beefin/ Keep your orders straight, cause sweepin me is more than fate could even orchestrate/ Erasin more pieces of you than your whore’s abortion takes/ V3B – SUBSTANTIAL (Substantial why you rap so slow?) I got asthma / Give me a second …lets see if I can rap faster / I’m smarter harder spit quicker stronger / Even my dick’s bigger longer in fact it sucks to be you but what can we do You’re a weaker sweeter poster boy wussie who needs a hug ‘cause you’re pussy / You stank pot thou reek of skank twat / My speech is flame hot E weak I think not / We link and bang spots we drink to slain cops / Who were crooked the little props I got I fucking took it / Then spat on my doubters & shattered my cowards glass jaws / By ripping up rap tours, whether little or no audience / Killed it acapella even flipped it to accordions / Not a battle rapper back packer bitch smacker thug / Just someone who could whip your ass but would rather show you love / So any further sleeping on me is not recommended / We’ll never be fam if you haven’t already been befriended. Chorus
From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Tonedeff, PackFM & Mecca Produced by: Tonedeff ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus We don’t say “Hi” & We don’t say “hello”/ The only words that we speak after wrecking your show How U Doin? We don’t say “Hi” & We don’t say “hello”/ The only thing that we say when we step to your ho How U Doin? V1A – PACKFM It’s outrageous, The way I stay rippin up these stages/ I spit shit so sick, you wish it was contageous/ Spread like The Plague is with vibes like silent pagers/ Niggas kickin fake shit, blame it on the matrix/ You’re so wack that you’ll leave a theif screamin “I cant take this!”/ I get Biz like Mark, I’m catchin weck, you’re catchin vapors/ All you’re perpetratin’ is pure cetification/ That you wouldnt be as dope as me if you did ya best impersonation/ I still cant stand you, rhyme parapallegic/ Niggas thinkin I’m ill, ‘cause their raps are makin me sick/ So what you want from me?, Evacuate my company/ You could swallow my sperm, and wouldnt be spittin as nuts as me. V1B – TONEDEFF I’m cussin when I’m bustin frees, I’d love to see you fuck with T / If I crush your team with cuts that means, I clutched you in my custody/ I touch a beat reluctantly, cause of what it does to me/ There’s something freakish up, it seems, I suddenly can jump the trees/ The function is perfunctory, with stunning ease I lunge for Greece/ And only cease, because, you see…I stumped my feet on Tuscany/ My running cleets were scuffed to pieces. MC’s are cunts in heat/ That scrub and clean for nothing, B – Their mugs are freakin’ ugly/ They’re clumsy in their drudgery. Shit…my tongue is tweaked abundantly/ My luxury money’s eaten by monthly fees/ In summary, I stunningly can stomach these abundantly unfunny geeks/ These scummy freaks are somewhat neat to hunt for weeks/ I strut the streets comfortably, cause punks duck in retreat/ I’m the one that makes you shun beliefs, like nuns & priests with cummy sheets/ I’ve brung complete sums of treats. You’re buggin how I strung this feat/ The subtlety is null indeed, so don’t confront us when we meet! Chorus V2 – MECCA I will go all out, to humiliate you/ Burn through any squad that affiliates you/ That’ll give the kids on the corner something to chat about/ Give all these mad rappers something to be mad about/ I’m made for this, like guns was made to buck/ Got entertainers pissed, cause I break their legs for luck/ Stuck watching this son of southside who accomplished this/ Blocking this? Tell me how you plan to stop apocalypse/ That’s claiming to be all the flame & the heat/ And how we, reign in the street and put your name if defeat/ Have a seat…don’t ever come through acting loud/ Cause I will leave you slumped on that block you’re so proud of/ You bow, cause I always impress, always amaze/ Straight arsonist…constantly coming with blaze/ In another minute, you g’on wanna chase me/ Cause your vibe just can’t replace me, flow just can’t erase me/ I remain rhymer-proof, time constructed/ Forgive them father…they know not who they fuck with/ Cause as an MC, I stay baptized to bang/ While you could be crucified and still couldn’t hang/ Whoever think they got something for it, get up on it/ I’ll teach you and your crew what it means not to want it/ I don’t air out tracks…I ventilate, rhymes penetrate/ Crews disintergrate… it’s mecca’s way or the interstate. Chorus
Celly 06:11
From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Tonedeff, Substantial, Session & PackFM Produced by: Deacon The Villain ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus Can You Hear Me Now? Good. V1 (tonedeff)Tonedeff: yo, It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’ve been hibernating thoroughly/ Lying beside my girl who’s been trying to wake me urgently/ With a stern sermon about wasting my day/ Knowing that if I don’t force me outta bed with a crowbar I’ll lazily stay/ I wake up… kinda sorta… today’s when the guys come over/ To write, so I head out to get some pizza and buy us soda/ Wireless phone to my ear, giving session a buzz/ “Yo, Sesh, it’s Tone, you want anything? I’m buying us grub” (session)Session: What?! you lyin in blood? (tonedeff)Tonedeff: “yeah, and call Pack to wake him up” (session)Session: Yo, you breakin up! STAN! They tryin to take his stuff! (substantial)Substantial: Word? then I got bones to crack, (session)Session: Lets split up, you bring Tone intact. I’ma get up, on the phone wit Pack, [Dialing…] (packfm)PackFM’s voicemail “Its Pack, leave a message” (session)Session: “I cant believe this, pick up!, its me, its Session!, Tone got robbed and we tryin to reach you man, hit me back on the hip or speak to Stan!” (packfm)PackFM: Tones got cracked ribs from gettin beat by Stan??? I knew one day, these egos would get outta hand/ Looks like me and sesh are the only ones with level heads/ Fuck it lemme call stan and see if we can settle this [dialing sound in background] (substantial)Substantial (FRANTIC VOICE) “hello?!!?” (packfm)PackFM: Stan, you alright? What’s up with you and Tone?” (substantial)Substantial (pissed) “Yo, pack u mumblin again!? Son, you need to get a better phone/” (packfm)PackFM: Yeah, i know you hate Tone, Session left me a message explainin’/ (substantial)Substantial (MORE FRANTIC): “WHAT! session got hit by a train???????” [Substantial hangs up] Jesus H Christ man I was just with’em/ (crying) I figured he’d OD…who would think a train kill’em/ What a horrible way to go! Just think/ He just moved away from home. Rest in peace/ Yo, I’ve gotta save Tone we ain’t loosing him too/ (Gets angry) I’m puting foot in somebody ass until they shit shoe/ For trying to stick crew [phone rings] Hello! (tonedeff)Tonedeff: “Ayo, Stan, it’s Tone”/ (substantial)Substantial: Since when do muggers stop to let you use the phone!!! Chorus V2 [Substantial and Tonedeff are still talking] (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Muggers? Stan…What the fuck you yappin about? I’m buying food, for when you, sesh & pack are back at the house/ You’re spazzing out, I’m laughing now, didn’t expect what you said/ Especially that. (substantial)Substantial: “Well, Aight, Cool…but session is dead”/ (tonedeff)Tonedeff: True…You want the freshest bread? White or wheat? (substantial)Substantial: “Why you speaking ‘bout bread? I said that Session Died! Deceased!” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Well, I must be a monkey’s uncle, fuck recording…I’m just beat/ (substantial)Substantial: “Huh? Tone, you’re whylin, b” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: “Aight, I’ll see ya by the beach”/ (substantial)Substantial: “Hello?” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Hello? Ahh fuck it…phone dropped, I’ll try to reach/ Session to tell him where to find the jeep, so we can ride to the scene/ [Ring] (session)Session: “Yeah, whuttup?” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Ayo, Sesh, what time should we meet? (session)Session: “Tone, you’re still alive! I figured by now, you’d died in the street!” Yo, Stan is looking for you man, you told me your were getting jacked!” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Jacked? Nah, man, I’m headed to the beach to rest & relax. (session)Session: You’re headed for Pack’s? He needs to start picking his phone up! (tonedeff)Tonedeff: “No, man, no weed to spark, and I’m not getting coronas”/ (session)Session: “Word? Somebody hot?! Sweating to bone us? Who are these groupie hoes?/ (tonedeff)Tonedeff: “Yeah, yeah, there’s no more studio.”/ (session)Session: Oh, hell no!..I will not blow no bootyhole/ I don’t care if they’re porno movie pros..What did you agree for? (tonedeff)Tonedeff: “Man, you’re breaking up, Meet me by the seashore” [click] (session)Session: Oh, shit…Stan’s gotta hear this! Tone’s talkin bout ‘He-whores’? Chorus V3 [Session calls Substantial. Phone rings and he picks up] (substantial)Substantial: Hello? (session)Session: “Wuttup, dog!” (substantial)Substantial (in shock): I must be fucking dreaming/ (session)Session: First, Tone with the He-whores…now you’re sucking semen? T.M.I. homo (substantial)Substantial: I thought you died mofo Well, That’s what Pack told me but I’m glad you’re back homie/ So you talked to tone too… when we spoke he was bugging/ By the way that shit earlier it was nothing/ (session)Session: “Hold on, son, I just caught what you said… you thought I was dead?!/ (substantial)Substantial: Yo, You’re really about to grow dreads & copping a lex…Sweet!!! (session)Session: “HUH Did you just say beach???” (substantial)Substantial: Almost forgot…that’s where we’re supposed to meet/ (session)Session: “Yo that sounds a lot better than the meat fest at Tone’s/ Yo, that type of shit made me head home” (substantial)Substantial: Yeah forget that/ So let me hit Pack (session)Session: “Son you shouldn’t sniff crack!? ” (substantial)Substantial: Well, If not me, who? Son, see ya round 2! [Substantial hangs up] [Substantial calls PackFM] (substantial)Substantial: Hello? (packfm)PackFM: Stan, you hung up…you got a bad attitude! (substantial)Substantial: You had me thinkin session died, nigga…now i’m mad at you (packfm)PackFM: What you mean, the session’s 5? Tone said to meet him after 2… By the wassup wit u? u guys settle ya beef?/ (substantial)Substantial: “NO PACK! SESSION’S NOT LAYING DEAD IN THE STREETS!/ Matter of fact we all meetin up and heading to the beach/ (packfm)PackFM: Yo, chill! Watch ya speech man! Who you callin a bitch?/ I’m a grown ass man… i aint gotta take this shit/ (substantial)Substantial: “WHAT YOU TAKIN A SHIT???” (packfm)PackFM: Oh, you gonna BREAK MY WRIST? Dog, you need to slow ya roll…/ Are you still pissed about the girl from ‘Upclose and Personal’? (substantial)Substantial: “Nah, we goin to the beach not the studio, but we can rehearse for the show”/ (packfm)PackFM: Look this reception sucks, I can’t hear a word you’re sayin/ I’m on my way to Tone’s house… and I’ll call u on the way in/ (substantial)Substantial: “Yeah pack, you kinda do look like marlon wayans/ But my minutes ain’t cheap, dog. I’ll see u at the beach”/ (packfm)PackFM: “Uh ok yeah the beach, man, whatever you say/ Lemme, get off this phone and tell Tone that i’m on my way/ [ring] (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Hello? (packfm)PackFM: “Tone?! What deal, kid?/ Yo, I just spoke to Stan, He throwing hands at you? That’s some real shit/ I never knew you two was beefin…” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: We are? (packfm)PackFM: “I don’t believe this? Son, you got amnesia!” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: I do? (packfm)PackFM: “Holy Mary Mother of Jesus!”/ (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Pack, you’re buggin! Stan told me bout this beach trip/ (packfm)PackFM: “Ski Trip?” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Nah, Beach Trip. (packfm)PackFM: “Aight, that sounds decent/ I was headed to your crib, so let’s see where the team is”/ (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Ayo, but don’t hang up! (packfm)PackFM: “Nah, I’ma use the 3-Way genius”/ (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Oh yeah, I forgot…you work with Celly’s – Not beepers/ But hurry the fuck up…I’m trying to stick some hot beaver! [ring] (substantial)Substantial: Yo… (packfm)PackFM: “You two, play nice y’all/ (tonedeff)Tonedeff & (substantial)Substantial: “Huh?” (packfm)PackFM: And hold on as I call session…I’m trying to hit the beach by nightfall/ [ring] (jimmy)Jimmy: “Hello?” (packfm)PackFM: “Yo, Who the fuck is this?” (jimmy)Jimmy: This is Jimmy! (packfm)PackFM: “Wrong number, man, sorry. (jimmy)Jimmy: “Fuck You Bitch” [CLICK] [ring] (session)Session: “Jeeeuh!” (packfm)PackFM: “Yo, Session! Where the fuck you at?” (session)Session: “I never said ‘fuck you’ pack! (tonedeff)Tonedeff: What’s up with that?! I thought y’all loved that track! If y’all didn’t like it, there ain’t no need to make excuses/ And try to be nice to me and cancel studio with crew trips/ (substantial)Substantial: “Tone, what the fuck! Why you trippin?” (packfm)PackFM: “Oh, shit Stan is mad at Tone again! CHILL STAN!! Don’t hit em!”/ (session)Session: Faggots! Now, stan’s trying to get with him? That’s FOSS!” Hold Up, I got a call, and I’m getting the fuck off/ (substantial)Substantial: Fuck y’all! This ain’t phone sex, I’m hangin up. (packfm)PackFM: “Say What…Tone’s Flesh!? And Paper Cuts!! Stan! Don’t kill him!” (tonedeff)Tonedeff: Awww Man, I’m going home..I am confused as hell/ [CLICK], [CLICK] (packfm)PackFM: “Fuck it”. [CLICK] (session)Session: YO! I’m back with some news to tell! [dial tone] (session)Session: Hello? Hello. That was the A&R on the other line, son! They wanna sign us! Hello? Hello? Hello? Man, fuck that… I’m goin solo!
Happy Fuck You Songs [cover image] From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Session Produced by: Tonedeff ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Chorus Guilty. Murder In The Verse Degree/ Nationwide, cops on a search for me/ Martial Law, state of emergency Because I’m Guilty, Murder In the Verse Degree. V1 – SESSION Session, will be the next cat ya idolize / worshipped for thousand of years after my demise / so I’d advise you try to hide, cause 4 you’d get divided by/ lyrically, you could be me, and we still wouldnt see I to I / Judge Session this court’s presided by, and you tried to lie/ under oath, hand on my notebook, without a alibi/ that a guy, you better quit now while you got spine fluid/ fuck rap, I’ll grab a blade and set your mind to it/ I knew it, ya dome has over blown gas/ in a trunk kissin ya own ass is were they gonna find you in/ divine human, rhymin for days, finish off foes/ my mind is a maze, were minotaurs roam/ I got a senators dome, politikin to get my tape played/ and get paid, flow off the chains like escaped slaves/ make way, Im strapped wit explodin rhymes/ put the track to ya ear, take cover and blow ya mind. Chorus V2 – SESSION in raps you facin, someone causin lacerations to blast ya face in / and make you wear a mask like Jason / you harass the nation wit procrastination / make you leave the game as fast as Mason like its an evacuation / tax evasion, if you owe me / make ya face look like a patch of raisins, my concepts an immaculation / use imagination like masterbation / a fans fascination turns to infatuation cause Im past amazin / the hash Im blazin will make me look like half a asian / spit leave your habitation wit heavy saturation / the fact you wastin my time, runnin what you outta do / before I slaughter you, make your offensive lines do an audible / you know what? its somewhat honorable / cause suckin as hard as you do must be hard to do too / gettin served like I ordered you food, Im the best at rhymes / packin my number 2’s to withstand the test of time / so hold it if you wanna hold it, dog this mic’s mine / I’m not ahead of my time, I’m ahead of my life’s time / got the tight lines, ill voice and a harder flow, so you outta go / thinkin you nice and get robbed for ya heart of gold. Chorus V3 – SESSION On mixtapes I spit straight atcha bruh, and massacre / ambassadors, get papes, and laugh at ya / I’ll rip fakes and amatuers in two and battle half a ya / get raped, askin round the cypha how my dick taste when I rap witcha / I mastered the flow wit a bit rate of that crap of ya’s / no mistake if I ask for ya, make ya bitch date a bachelor / you a disgrace, suckin like Dracula wit a big plate, makin an ass of ya / you aint a legend cause you switched plates wit a Acura / at this rate, Ima fracture the bones on ya rib plates / and snatch ya cadaver right out the back of da mid waist / I punch the earth and hit plates like a spatula / swing were your hips lay, unless you hit play on my sampler / make ya chic wait?, Im snatchin her, have my dick ate / while Im smackin the bitch face, and its late for mackin her / they say my shits great, spectacular / thinkin its smooth sailin till i have ya own shipmates attackin ya. Chorus
Pebble Jam 03:14
From “Happy Fuck You Songs” Written by: Tonedeff, Breez Evahflowin, Deacon The Villain, Mecca, Kno, iCON the Mic King, Pumpkinhead, GMS, Kameel-Yen, Elite, Poison Pen, Squijee, Substantial, & PackFM Produced by: Tonedeff ©2002 QN5 Music (ASCAP) Tonedeff F-F-First I sprinkle the—awww, fuck it, I’m reluctant/ to Spit another cameo verse, Cause, ain’t I said enough shit?/ Instead I’d rather stuff this, roster the fuck up with/ Lots of assumptions and roughly half of the rapping public/ I’ll handle production, Y’all make sure your verse catches the drum kick/ The odds of getting off are decent with 80 niggas and 1 chick/ Shit, I’ll even put my momma on it… (MOM: “Yo, Bust it..”) I’d tell ya girl, but she’d get confused if I told her to come spit/ Breez Evahflowin Partna, This ain’t my posse, Still I’m known to carry a scroll/ Like Samuel Jackson in various roles/ Accomplished, artist with intuitive mind/ Other rappers like actors overdoin they lines/ Ain’t no fearing this, I could care less who’s hearing this/ I’m out to set a record for the most guest appearances/ Hence, another rhyme orgy/ Recording me ain’t cheap, Tone, this verse is gonna cost you that beat. Deacon The Villain yooooooooooo it’s deacon, i’m only on this shit cause I was asked// drove from kentucky, so who the fuck is paying for my gas// tone harassed me “heeeeey, it’s only 8 bars/ do it for QN5 guy, cause we’re that company that makes stars// man, i could’ve been at home on my playstation// can you believe for this shit that I used my vacation// but O-NO! efamm needs me// to spit a fuckin 20 second verse on their EP/ Mecca Well, deac at least you knew you was getting suped up/ Why didn’t you tell me Tonedeff was such a ruthless producer/ I ain’t come in this bitch with loose lips/ I came here on some cool shit, Packed for the beach, expecting a crew trip/ But Tone is like, You spit, come on, bro, this really needs your flow/ Do it or your album’s out the door, Yo/ A fast one and I can’t pull it faster/ Aight you scheming bastard… that’s 8… now can I have my master? Kno Yo, I hate posse cuts, this isn’t challenging/ I’d rather collab with my other 8 personalities/ Think you can fuck with me?/ Thats automatically suspect like seeing R Kelly at Chuck E Cheese/ K-N-O the venomous gringo with intricate lingo/ witcha gramma playin bingo/ Blah blah blah punchline/ Why am I trying? Tonedeff’s on this track… I’m just gonna get shined! iCONtheMicKing They wanna do the hook b4 and after me i said it’s blasphemy/ it’s just none of them want their rhyme compared to this masterpiece/ But really though, I don’t wanna flow with you jerks/ Talking all this, I’m gonna kill it, but won’t show me your verse/ I’m getting my outshine on, y’all want to syphon rays/ Writing they verses, thinking…”Hmmmm, what would iCON say”/ You only getting 8, buy my shit if you wanting more/ I had to rewrite twice, I better be paid for 24. GMS Yo, how many cats on this track? Man, that’s wack/ Should’ve been me, Tone, Pack and that girl in the back/ I hate these long ass underground tapes/ You gotta wait, wait, wait, and then you only spit 8/ Gimme a break! What a waste of time!/ Here’s a couple of freetyle lines so I don’t have to waste a rhyme/ I’m not getting paid for this bitch?/ This your basic everyday flow, don’t expect no amazing shit. Kameel-Yen Now since they said i only got eight i aint no time / this song is helpin my career as much as puff did shine/ and they lucky the beat’s hot otherwise what’d be the use/ of me sweatin my ass off in this little sound booth/ what am i the token chick with these dicks in a sword fight/ i don’t even know half these cats/ is this a song or an open mic/ you wrong if you think i’ll leave with no check in hand/ and if i don’t i’ll file a law suit (FUCK E-FAM !!!) PackFM Word? Well FUCK YOU TOO! I’ll show you how we do this properly / We dont need a posse cut (why?) Efamm is a posse / Dont need the credibility (why?) ‘Cause nobody can doubt mine / Let’s do We Are the World, thats more heads for me to outshine / Tone was like “Come on this is exessively long” / Like after hearing my verse you care about the rest of the song/ (CD skipping forward) Is all you hear til you get to my part / ‘Cause my 8 bars alone make this a standout by far! Pumpkinhead I can’t believe i’m here to spit in booth/ I got the flu cold sweats plus a chip in my tooth/ am i even gettin paid for this dedication/ the least qn5 can do is pay for my medication/ seriously i could have been home in a zone / do yourself a favor and don’t to close to the microphone/ cause you might catch a germ this mic you should be burned/ so if ya ass get sick that’s not my concern/ Elite Fuck a posse cut, I don’t know half of these people/ We shouldn’t’ even make this like movies after the sequel/ Oh man… what a splendid plan/ It’s extended famm featuring it’s extended famm/ Let’s just make sure there’s no hook/ Or at least a bad one… like… Ahh fuck it, I thought I had one/ The obligatory setup line! You were expecting a punchline here… weren’t you! Poison Pen This is the song that never ends/ eF@mm, Poison Pen & a bunch of ballchinians/ And it goes on & on my friend/ I Just came to the lab for a beat-tape/ I had to hit the track off with something/ My flow glows…I traded in my tonsils for tungsten/ Ain’t no problem spittin on this shit/ Just try to get us all together…just to perform this shit. Substantial Now you goddamn well I barely show up to shows / What made you think I want to be with yall kicking flows / Splitting doe like umpteenth ways with these bozos / Would’ve said a number but there is always no shows / Probably be the one they predict to go solo / And when I blow yo these same cats with no doe / Who once were dick riders are now haters so check it / They’re the reason why there won’t be posses cuts on my record! Squijee Ayo, it’s squijee, you know I’m always up in the mix/ Did you think that I wasn’t gonna spit 8 bars up in this bitch!? Fuck y’all motherfuckers, I keep it street, B/ Squijee… I got the biggest dick in my speices/ So, what I’m 2 feet tall and look like a raccoon/ That’s tall enough to reach your girls pussy and ass too/ I’m gully son… I’m done with the subject/ Cause I just hit 8 bars, and I still ain’t fuckin’ drunk yet/
Fin. 04:22


released November 26, 2002


all rights reserved



QN5 New York, New York

QN5 Music is an independent hip hop collective based in NYC. Home to Tonedeff, CunninLynguists, PackFM, Substantial & Kokayi.

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